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Why Getting Good Sleep Is Important To Your Health

We’ve all heard how much sleep is essential and that we should ensure 7-8 hours of sleep every night so that our body gets enough time to rest. But, how does the […]

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Good News Fridays: Sleep Experts Debunk 15 Sleep Myths

Is watching TV in bed a good thing?  Is drinking booze before bed can help you sleep?  Science Insider brought in two sleep scientists to talk about 15 common sleep myths.  They […]

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Learn How To Use Technology To Improve Your Sleep (Infographic)

You probably know that using TVs, smartphones and other tech devices before going to bed isn’t really good for your sleep. This is because screens emit blue light, which affects the level […]

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View The Importance Of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Presentation

Did you wake up refreshed and ready for the day? Or did you wake up tired and falling asleep during the day? The fact is sleep is very important in our lives! […]

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