The Alabama Elections

Well Election Day has come and gone in Alabama.  And the results were not a big surprise to most people.  Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi.  Newt Gingrich came in second.  And Mitt Romney came in third.  All three candidates got a large number of votes but Santorum managed more votes than the other two candidates.  Although Romney placed third in both states.  He won more delegates and his race to the convention is getting closer to that magic number of delegates.  Santorum is second in the delegate count and he is going to need some help if he wants to be the nominee.  And for Gingrich and Paul.  Well there chances of being the nominee is pretty much over.

Romney is still the favorite to be the Republican nominee for president.  But he has one big problem that will have to be solved.  So far Romney has not won any deep south states.  And he did win Florida but it is not considered a deep south state.  The concern will be if it’s a Romney vs. Obama race for the White house.  Will some voters in the south vote for a third party candidate.  If this happens Obama will likely win another term.  Romney can help fix this by selecting a V-P candidate that will wow voters in the south.  Two good picks would be Santorum or Gingrich.  Or he could go bold and maybe pick Bobby Jindal; Jeb Bush; or Chris Christie to be his V-P candidate.  Romney will most likely be the Republican nominee.  But if this race goes to the Republican National Convention in Tampa it will hurt the Republican’s chances for the White House.

There was one big surprise in the Alabama primary.  The race for Alabama Chief Justice took a very surprising turn with Roy Moore likely winning outright without a runoff.  Roy Moore only spent around $20,000 in his campaign.  Roy Moore rode his horse to the voting booth in his home county.  And most people thought he was not going to do well but he shocked everyone including me.  Charlie Graddick and Chuck Malone were the other two candidates and I am sure they were shocked as well.  But I am concerned about Roy Moore.  Remember the last time he was Chief Justice.  Moore defied court orders to remove the ten commandments statue from the lobby and he was eventually removed from office.  Will he make national news again and do something that could get him kicked out of office?  I hope not.


Sunday Discussion: AL and MS Primaries

I wanted to share my views on who I think will win the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday.  Three candidates has a chance to win these states on Tuesday.  Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum has a chance to win these states.  Gingrich would have the best chance to win these states because his home state of Georgia is only next door.  But what if Romney pulls out a surprising win?  Or could Santorum keep winning the south and midwest?  Right now it is exciting that Alabama and Mississippi votes will count in this primary.  And everyone in these states can not wait to vote on Tuesday.

If you have not seen this CNN story about the radio show Rick & Bubba interviewing Mitt Romney; click the link below.

This might have backfired on Mitt Romney.  You knew these guys would go after Romney’s faith.  And I do think Rick & Bubba won the day.  People in the south really do care about their religion.  And some people in the south do believe that the Mormon religion is just a scam.  That the Mormon’s religion only cares about America being the new promised land.  I find this as crazy and stupid thinking.  If Romney; who is 2nd in some polls in Alabama does well on Tuesday.  He will be the Republican nominee for president.  And I am afraid if it’s a Romney vs. Obama battle for the White House.  Some people will vote for a third party candidate only because of Romney’s religion.  This will ensure Obama’s reelection.

Newt Gingrich has toured many places in Alabama and Mississippi.  He has already won South Carolina and Georgia.  And he really needs to win both states on Tuesday or he is done.  Gingrich’s main selling point is about the price of gas.  And you know many people down in the south will listen when a candidate talks about gas prices.  Here is the my post about Newt Gingrich when he was in Pell City.

A very good sized crowd showed up to hear Gingrich talk about Obama and gas prices.  But for right now this is the only main things he is talking about.  And I am afraid it might cost him the primaries.  Sure drilling for oil will create new jobs what what else will you do to create jobs?  But I do think that Gingrich will do well on Tuesday.  But will it be enough?

Rick Santorum has done well in rural areas.  He is carrying rural Midwestern states and several southern states.  But Santorum has failed to carry many of the bigger population states.  Those have gone to Romney.  Santorum has been calling for Gingrich to drop out of the race so he can compete with Romney.  And Santorum has some of the same views on ways to improve the U.S. economy.  But I want you to look at this article.

Rick Santorum once supported a bill that would of gutted the National Weather Service.  Now keep in mind that the NWS saved many lives when we went through the April 27th tornado outbreak.  So what would have happened if the NWS was gutted and weather warnings were issued by private firms like Accuweather?  I believe that many more people would have been killed.  Also keep in mind that many TV meteorologists and private weather companies use NWS data to make their weather forecasts.

So who will I vote for on Tuesday and who do I think will win Mississippi and Alabama.  Right now I am going to vote for Romney on Tuesday.  I hope that the Mormon issue will not effect his outcome on Tuesday.  I am thinking that Gingrich will win both states on Tuesday.  But he will only win by a slim margin.  Romney will be second and Santorum will be third.  Voter turnout is going to be big on Tuesday and there is only one thing left to do.  Go vote on Tuesday!

Newt Gingrich in Alabama

Newt Gingrich made a appearance in Pell City on Wednesday.  The crowd inside the Pell City Civic Center was huge and at standing room only.  Newt Gingrich talked about two big issues during his speech.  One was gas prices and the other was about Obama.

Yes the local media was here.

Callista Louise Gingrich coming out.

Here he comes.

Newt Gingrich started by saying Obama is living in a liberal fantasy world.  He also said Obama wants us to pay $8-10 a gallon for gas like people do in Europe.  He would like to debate Obama at any gas station and believes that Obama pitching algae would be a great SNL skit.  And Obama’s 9-9-9 plan would be $9.99 for a gallon of gas.

Gingrich wants to allow more drilling and biofuels to help lower the cost of a gallon of gas to around $2.50 a gallon.  He criticized the liberal news media and told the crowd he never wants to see an American president bow to a Saudi king ever again.  He told the crowd if Iran blocked oil shipments it would be an act of war.  He also said when America got to be energy independent he would tell the Europeans, Chinese, and Indians you have a energy problem.  And that Obama is anti oil; natural gas; coal; and gasoline.

He also told the crowd that America has a national security problem.  That the Muslim Brotherhood; Pakistan; and apologizing to the Middle East is bad for America.  America is sending around a trillion dollars overseas each year for energy.  And America needs to be energy independent.  A example was North Dakota which has a 3.5% unemployment rate.  And it has trouble finding workers and also has a huge budget surplus.  Gingrich wants to defeat Obama for the future of America.

Gingrich wants to fix laws; judges; and bureaucracies.  He wants Congress to repeal Obamacare and the Dood-Frank bill.  And he also wants to lessen government regulations.  If Gingrich is elected he would abolish the White House czars; approve the Keystone Pipeline; and move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on day one.  He would be a team player and change Washington.  While Romney and Santorum would play the same Washington game.  He encouraged his supporters to go on Facebook and Twitter and say; Newt = $2.50 gas.

Here he comes!

Memory for a lifetime.

Off he goes.

Remember people in Alabama and Mississippi.  Go vote on Tuesday March 13th!

The Super Tuesday Results

Super Tuesday was very interesting this time around.  Mitt Romney won 6 of the states including Ohio.  Rick Santorum won 3 states.  Newt Gingrich barely survives by winning his home state of Georgia.  And poor Ron Paul just can not win anything.  I think we learned last night that Mitt Romney will eventually have enough delegates to be the Republican nominee for president.  And Rick Santorum needs help to compete against Romney.  He needs Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich to drop out of the race so more people will vote for Santorum.  Paul and Gingrich will not be the nominee for president.  Ron Paul is still in the race because he wants the media attention.  And Newt Gingrich is still in the race because he thinks he can carry most states in the south.  By the way Newt Gingrich will be in Pell City today and look for pictures on Young’s Blog on Thursday.

Look at the votes from each county in Ohio.

From Fox News

Romney won all the counties in the urban areas like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  While Santorum won all the counties in the rural areas.  Many Republican voters do not like Romney and are voting for Santorum.  It is good that the eventual nominee is carrying the urban areas.  But to have a shot in beating Obama in November you have to carry all the rural areas as well.  And right now many Republican voters has problems voting for Romney mostly because of his faith and his policies.  And if it is a Romney versus Obama contest for the White House.  Will the people who do not like Romney vote for a third party candidate?  That will pretty much hand Obama a reelection.  Right now it looks like it will be two very rich guys slinging mud at each other for the White House.  And I wish it was not like that.

And boy I am happy today.  The verdicts in the Alabama bingo trial was just read.  And all the defendants were found NOT guilty.  Maybe this will help spur laws to allow gambling in Alabama.  More on this on my legislative roundup post.

Newt Gingrich in the Territory–Candidate-says-he-s-the-one-who-can-beat-Obama?instance=TG_home_story–discusses-fuel-prices-during-visit-to-Rome?instance=home_most_popular

I am glad that Young’s Blog territory is attracting presidential candidates.  We also have the trend of seeing the candidates dying off after they visit this area.  Just ask Herman Cain.  Well Newt Gingrich visited Rome and Carrollton Georgia on Tuesday which are in Young’s Blog territory.  Mr. Gingrich first spoke at the Rome Georgia airport then he spoke at The University of West Georgia.  I really had no attentions of going because let’s face it. Newt Gingrich will not win to challenge Obama this fall.  He did poorly in the Arizona and Michigan primaries on Tuesday.  And he will struggle on Super Tuesday next week.  Now if Newt Gingrich was leading in the Republican primaries I would have gone.

The crowds were good at both events.  Georgia is the home state of Newt Gingrich and he even teached at The University of West Georgia.  He told the crowds that this election is one of the most important elections in American history.  And while CNN was carrying a part of his speech live on TV he was talking about chopping down a tree instead of talking about the issues.  I just found that to be a waste of TV time as CNN quickly took him off TV.  The biggest issue he talked about at both events is the gas prices.  And you know that will get the crowd talking.  He is promising to get the gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon.  And he will do that by drilling; drilling and drilling some more.  He forgot the other reasons the gas prices are up right now.  The conflicts in the Middle East; stock market speculations; and growth in China and India.  This Sunday on my weekly Sunday Discussion post I am going to talk about gas prices.  Stay tuned!

He also talked about Obama and the Middle East.  Which I am really not going into at all.  My thinking is that Gingrich is trying to use some attack strategy to come back into the Republican race which will probably backfire.  Now he will win Georgia next week because it is his home state but he will not win much more than that.  And I still think that Mitt Romney will still be the Republican nominee for president and run against Obama.  And after the wins at Arizona and Michigan he is even closer to that goal.