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The Evening Post: I Spent 50 Hours In Prison

Ever wondered what prison is like?  Mr. Beast and his crew had to spend 50 hours in prison.  See how the experience went below. Rate This Post

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Sunday Discussion: My Life After 44 Years In Prison

I found this video very interesting.  The YouTube channel Al Jazeera English profiled a person who spent 44 years in jail, and was recently released into society.  And a lot of things have changed […]

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Last Week Tonight Talks About The Prisoner Re-Entry Problems

So, you just got out of prison.  Guess what, you face a ton of obstacles to attempt to re-enter society.  From trying to find housing, finding a job with a criminal record, and […]

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Watch John Oliver Talk About The Problems Of Mandatory Minimums

Hey Alabama, this message is for you!  Especially when it comes to the major prison overcrowding problem!  John Oliver talked about the problems of mandatory minimums, or minimum sentences that must be […]

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Here Are Four Ways To Fix The Alabama Prison Problems

Alabama’s prisons are in deep trouble!  There have been countless stories on other sites ranging from the overcrowding, to the abuses at the women’s prison, to the lack of staff to keep […]

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