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007: Daniel Craig Is The Least Eco-Friendly Bond, Data Reveals

Whether it’s the motors, martinis or even the many affairs, the James Bond character is one of excess. Often overlooked, however, is the never-ending travel and sizeable carbon footprint he could be leaving behind.

Ahead of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s swansong as the MI6 agent, releasing on the 30th September, Vanarama examined each of the 24 films that precede it and their lead actor’s carbon footprint.


Daniel Craig is the least eco-friendly Bond

Sir Roger Moore’s globetrotting Bond racked up the most miles overall – equal to three times around the world (79,712 miles). However, on average, it’s Daniel Craig that our research shows as the most damaging to the environment.

In the four films prior to No Time to Die, he averages 21,840 pounds of travel-related CO2 emissions for every mission. Moore’s seven adventures make him the most well-travelled Bond but return an average of only 15,581 pounds per film.

Between them is Craig’s predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, on just over 20,000 pounds. In fact, the results very nearly match the order in which the actors first appeared as 007 – likely spurred by the increased expectations of modern-day audiences.

Sir Sean Connery, the first and perhaps most iconic to fill the knife-equipped boots, travelled 39,012 miles in his six films yet still manages the lowest per-film average of CO2 emissions (8,897).

Film on film, the number of miles travelled has decreased for Daniel Craig’s Bond

Although our study shows Craig as the Bond actor generating the most CO2 emissions, a closer look at his films suggests he may be more environmentally aware than we think.

Film on film, the number of miles travelled has decreased, from nearly 20,000 in Casino Royale (19,894) to only 11,218 in Spectre. Overall, CO2 emissions have almost halved – dropping by 44% from 27,220 to 15,349 pounds.

You can see Vanarama’s blog post here to find out more about the study, including the most and least eco-friendly Bond films.

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