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Schools In Alabama Are Now Participating In The Go Build Alabama Program


In Alabama, there is a special website devoted to middle/high school students and it’s aimed at recruiting a new generation of tradesmen as older ones leave the workforce.  The site is called Go Build Alabama, and it is a project run by Mike Rowe and Mike Rowe Works, you know, that guy that has done all of those Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.  If you live in Alabama, you might have seen the Go Build Alabama commercials on TV like during the Iron Bowl.

Currently, only one tradesman is entering the industry for every four that leave. That means you can earn competitive pay at a young age—without worrying about student loan debt.  As you know, many students go off to college after graduating from high school, and when they graduate from college, they have a huge student loan bill, and some students go back to live with their parents because no one will hire them.  This is where the Go Build Alabama campaign steps in, it encourages students to choose and learn a trade like construction, welding, boilermakers, engine specialists, engineers, electrical workers, operators, and more!

Now, schools in Alabama are going to be participating in the Go Build Alabama program.  The campaign has created an e-textbook and launched a new website as student interest is growing in these career fields.  All students in grades 7-9 will get the e-textbook for free.  The e-textbook highlights the construction industry, includes interactive exercises such as video interviews from people who work in the skilled trades, and ways to investigate careers and training options.  Along with the e-textbook, the Go Build Alabama website has been redesigned to help students in their career decisions.  And the website has been optimized for smartphone users, and includes a teacher portal so teachers can promote Go Build Alabama in their classrooms!

One third of all skilled tradesmen are over age 50, and are beginning to retire rapidly!  Go Build Alabama aims to align students with training, so these skilled jobs will not go unfilled.  To learn more about Go Build Alabama, go to: http://gobuildalabama.com/

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