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Science Mondays: How Binary Search Makes Computers Much, Much Faster

Ever wondered how computers use all binary to run and search?  YouTuber Tom Scott shows us the science behind binary and how binary helps computers to run fast.  Enjoy below! Click to […]

Sunday Discussion: The History Behind Ctrl+Alt+Del

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday.  Great Big Story shows you one of the biggest advances in computer history.  We’ve only got one life to live, but thanks to three simple keystrokes, […]

Why Banning Screens At A Restaurant Is Not A Good Idea

Before I get carried away here, I am not sitting in front of a computer 24/7 and I do get out and enjoy the fresh air every day.  I would be nuts […]

The Finales of Soap Net and G4 Are Nearly Here

At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday December 31st.  A memorable TV network goes off the air for good.  Soap Net launched in 2000 as a way for people to catch up […]

13 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

13 Days Left Until Christmas Thank you George W. Bush for supporting Cade Foster! In case you missed it, Ex-President George Bush writes letter to #Alabama K Cade Foster: http://t.co/EX6xWTDdut pic.twitter.com/uGJe8Wpezn — […]

Robots Are Taking Over The Workforce

We are getting closer and closer to a Star Trek world where everything is done with the help with robots.  And jobs become so scarce people don’t have to worry about money. […]

Why I Don’t Participate In A Screen Free Week

This week, the Center for a Commercial Free Childhood’s Screen-Free Week began.  From April 29th to May 5th, the organization asks people and families to unplug all TV’s smartphones, and computers for a week.  All screens used […]

Buffer App and Friends + Me; Easy Ways to Update Social Media

This post is going to be about the apps and programs I use to make my time on social media easier.  There is one app available that is super easy to use!  Buffer App […]

Will You Be Screaming on Monday?

I can already see it now.  On Monday morning July 9th some people will wonder why their computers will not connect to the internet.  They will try everything to find the root […]

Internet in the 1980’s-1990’s

You have to admit that this is funny.  The people from Squirrel Monkey have come up with old computer programs from our favorite websites.  What if Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Angry Birds […]

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