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Aspie Recipes: Peanut Butter “Cup” Cakes

On this Aspie Recipes post, I am going to try out a new cooking tool!  When I went to a blog cooking conference a while back, I got this Tasty-Fill Mini Cake […]

Aspie Recipes: Chocolate Cake With White Frosting

For my birthday, I did not go out and buy a cake already made, or bought a cake mix and frosting already made.  Of course, I was going to make my cake […]

Aspie Recipes: Chocolate Cake In A Coffee Cup

My first ever recipe using a coffee cup was popular!  Brownie In A Coffee Cup drew a lot of traffic and the people liked it!  You can view it by clicking the link. http://geekalabama.com/2012/11/07/brownie-in-a-coffee-cup/ […]

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