Attending Food Blog South

Well after some thinking I am attending Food Blog South in Birmingham Alabama on Saturday.  Food Blog South is featuring many bloggers and foodies who write about food.  Like this blog which does recipes.  And in the future I will be doing more recipes and even some restaurant reviews here in NE Alabama and NW Georgia.  Some speakers will include writers from magazines like Southern Living and the CNN blog Eatocracy.  And there will be some speakers who have shows on the radio and on TV.  I guess I could be on that list since I have appeared on TV.

So lots of people are going to have some fun on Saturday at Old Car Heaven in Birmingham.  Look for updates and pictures here on Young’s Blog throughout the weekend.  And follow me on Twitter @nvyoung and at  And to my mom; sorry it cost close to $150 to attend this conference.


Word Camp Birmingham Recap

Last weekend many people had a great time at Word Camp Birmingham.  There were many great speakers and presentations.  I want to recap the five best presentations over the last weekend during word camp.

Scan It! Incorporating QR Codes  Stephanie True Moss

Stop Creating Content For the Sake of Creating Content  George Ortiz

How to Win Awards and Influence Readers in 439 Days and 668 Posts  Wade Kwon

WCBHAM: Running Your Freelance Business  Kelly Housholder

Using WordPress in a Time of Crisis  Michelle Amaral

You can find more slides from other Word Camp Birmingham speakers at

Over my time at Word Camp Birmingham; I took a lot of photos.  And I made several posts  recapping the time at word camp.

And the next word camp in this area is Word Camp Atlanta on February 3-4.  Tickets have been sold out for this event.  And currently I have no plans on attending.  Especially with no job and still on unemployment income.  I really had a good time at Word Camp Birmingham and let’s make this a yearly event!

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Welcome to Young’s Blog

This is a post for all the people who has just seen my story on ABC 33/40.  First of all welcome to Young’s Blog; Unofficial Ambassador for NE Alabama.  This blog is to talk about news; topics; events; and anything that would interest readers.  The blogs and websites in Atlanta and Birmingham will not cover things going on in Anniston/Gadsden and NE Alabama very often.  So the mission of Young’s Blog is to cover the gap.  My territory for Young’s Blog is from Alex City up to the Tennessee line and from Pell City over to Carrollton and Rome Georgia.  I also will talk about other topics like big news stories; animation news; weather news; technology news; and creative topics like cooking and crafts.

The story on ABC 33/40 is about the Shape Up! campaign.  The last time I weighed myself about one year ago was about 400 pounds.  So I decided to share my journey to the readers of Young’s Blog.  If you click on the Shape Up! tab on the top of the page you will see what will happen on a weekly basis.  I think this is a awesome move for me and to the people in Alabama and Georgia who are also struggling with weight.

I started Young’s Blog in August 2011 as a way to keep me occupied after becoming unemployed again.  This is sad to say but I have had as many jobs in the last six years as the number of Alabama national championships; 14!   Life does suck being on state unemployment and I have been to numerous interviews and filled out many job applications with nothing happening.  Just about all the jobs I have had I have either been fired or has been temp work.  Learn more about me up on the about me page.

But with all of that; the future of Young’s Blog is great!  I just got promoted on TV!  Hardly any bloggers can say that.  And the readership has steadily grown over the last six months.  I hope I can hold some contests to reward the Young’s Blog readers in the near future and even do some videos to share with everyone!  Yes I am looking for people to help me on this awesome project.  It is tough to write all of these great articles by myself.  Or if you know someone willing to help me with the Shape Up! campaign or in finding a job.  Or if you have a event that would be great to share on Young’s Blog.  Please e-mail me at  Exciting times are coming to this blog so stay tuned!  And thank you for reading Young’s Blog!

Word Camp Birmingham Pictures

Word Camp Birmingham 2012 is now in the books!  Thanks to all the people who put on the event and all the speakers who taught all of us a bunch of WordPress bliss!  And thanks to all the people who came out.  Here are some pictures from day 2 at Samford University.


Young’s Blog Appearing on TV!

This is a good time to tell everyone at the Word Camp Birmingham meeting which I am at currently.  By the way follow me @nvyoung or #WPYall on Twitter to follow along.  That I will be appearing on TV on Monday afternoon.  It is not everyday that a blog gets featured on television.  My blog will be featured on ABC 33/40 Monday at 4:00pm during Focus@4.  You can watch online for anyone outside of the Birmingham market.  I will post more details Monday morning about what is going to happen and please watch.  I can not wait.