The Evening Post: Arby’s 13 Hour Brisket YouTube Ad

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Have 13 hours, or just like watching food porn?  Then you will enjoy this 13 hour YouTube ad from Arby’s.  In this 13 hour video below, you will see that indeed Arby’s smokes their brisket for 13 hours before it is frozen, packaged, and shipped off to their restaurants. This ad aired on a Minnesota TV station last weekend and got a Guinness World Record for the longest ad.  Enjoy the process of cooking/smoking brisket!

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Tax Day Freebies And Deals For 2014


April 15th, or the worst day of the year in America called Tax Day, is here!  And on Tax Day, some will be getting some money back. (like me!)  While others are going to be writing that check to the IRS which is one of the toughest things someone has to do all year.  One year, I had to pay over $1,000 to the IRS, if you pay that much, that is tough!  It’s almost like a blow to your stomach.  So to soften the blow to people paying money to the IRS on Tax Day, several businesses are offering some freebies and discounts on Tax Day!  Let’s run down the companies located in Alabama offering some great deals on Tax Day.

Sonic Drive-In


You don’t have to go to Sonic on April 15th during their Happy Hour for half price drinks and slushes.  On Tax Day, all drinks and slushes are half off all day long!



On April 15th, all Schlotzsky’s will offer a free Original Sandwich with a purchase of a 32oz drink and chips, no coupon required!

Great American Cookie


All locations of Great American Cookie will give anyone a free cookie on April 15th, no purchase is required!



Anyone can go to Arby’s on April 15th and get a free snack sized curly fry!  To get this deal, download and print off the coupon at:

Sonny’s BBQ


Get a 1/2 price Rib Platter on April 15th or Tax Day.

Office Depot


Get up to 5 pounds of shredding for free.  Deal valid through April 29th.  To print off coupon go to:

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The Evening Post: Wendy’s; Arby’s New Logos

So this week two fast-food restaurant chains have introduced new logos.  First is this brand new logo from Wendy’s.  This will be the first logo update in around 30 years.

At first impression; I think this new logo is something a little kid created.  The older logo name and mascot was inspired by the late Dave Thomas then 8 year-old daughter when he opened his first restaurant in 1969.  This new logo is stripped of the old catch phrases: “Quality is our Recipe” and “Old Fashioned Hamburgers.”  And I really think this is a big mistake.  People have always known that Wendy’s tagline is “Quality is our Recipe.”  And many people thinks of Wendy’s as having “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” that are very good-by the way.  Sure; the old blocky logo looks like we are in the 1950’s.  But I really do think they could have done better.  I guess we will see!

Now for Arby’s; they have also introduced a new logo.  The only big difference in this new logo is the letter font.

The only good thing I see about this logo is they keep the big cowboy hat.  The 3D effect just looks very childish.  But Arby’s is not only changing their logo.  They say they are introducing new sandwiches.  But I say they need to improve what they already have first.  I really love their curly fries.  But the rest of their food is kind of lame.  Their roast beef is sliced too thin and doesn’t have much flavor.  And their chicken is too dry.  Even worse is their breakfast as their biscuits are not good at all.  If Arby’s wants to come back they need to look at their current food and improve it!