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Southern Company, Apple Launch Propel Center Digital Learning Hub In Atlanta

Southern Company and Apple joined educators and community stakeholders on Jan. 13 in announcing a partnership to launch the Propel Center, a new digital learning hub, business incubator and global innovation headquarters in Atlanta for students […]

How Famous Tech Products Got Their Names

Inventors tend to seize the opportunity to name their creations after themselves in a bid for immortality, but there aren’t any rules beyond that. Does it help if the name gives a […]

The Evening Post: Holiday — The Surprise

Well, sometimes technology can save whiny kids on a road and airplane trip.  Apple released a new holiday ad called The Surprise.  Yes, technology can quiet kids down, but technology can also […]

Animation Monday: Apple’s Share Your Gifts Campaign

  You have probably already seen the Apple commercial on TV.  Now, below you can watch the whole version and I highly suggest you do!  For 2018, Apple has the “Share Your […]

Sunday Discussion: Apple CEO Tim Cook: The VICE News Tonight Interview

Alabama based Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple, recently sat down with VICE News Tonight for an interview in New York City.  With other tech giants like Google and Facebook […]

Music Thursdays: Apple’s Welcome Home By Spike Jonze

How do you advertise for a new product made by Apple?  Make a dramatic video of course!  Apple got Spike Jonze to direct a new video for their new device called Homepod.  In […]

Catch Episode 19 Of The New Screen Savers

Episode 19 of The New Screen Savers is online!  In this episode, Leo Laporte is joined by co-host Sarah Lane.  And in this episode, you get to learn more about the latest […]

Aspie Recipes: View The Homemade Apple Pie Cooking Video And Presentation

About one year ago, I did a recipe for a homemade apple pie.  And for birthday week, I decided to make a cooking video and cooking presentation about this great fall treat! […]

What If Siri Was Your Mom, Things Get Weird

So, what if Siri was your own mother?  What if the tech inside Apple phones raised you, and gave you life advice?  It would be very weird!  The YouTube channel The Daily Dot brought […]

You Can Now Use Apple Pay At Winn-Dixie

Over the past few weeks when I shop at Winn-Dixie, I noticed the credit card readers were swapped out, and now I know why.  They swapped out all the credit card readers […]

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