Sunday Discussion: My Thoughts on 4-27-11

Alabama has now gone one year since the 4-27-11 tornado outbreak.  The outbreak tested everybody in this state.  Many people suffered on the terrible day and many other people came together to […]

Candlelight Vigil in Calhoun County

4-27-11 was a tough day for all of Alabama.  The Calhoun County tornado came through around 6:30pm one year ago on 4-27.  On Friday evening around 100 people came to First Baptist […]

Tuscaloosa/Birmingham Tornado

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/bmx/?n=event_04272011tuscbirm The Tuscaloosa and Birmingham tornado was the most covered tornado across all media.  This storm started in eastern Mississippi and a tornado touched town in Greene County.  The tornado rapidly gained […]

Remember 4-27-11

I wanted to show off a few great videos put together about the 4-27-11 outbreak.  Over 250 were killed on that day and many more were injured.  And Alabama and the southeast […]

Hackleburg/Phil Campbell Tornado

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/bmx/?n=event_04272011hackleburg http://www.srh.noaa.gov/hun/?n=franklin-al_lawrence_limestone_madison_franklin-tn_counties This tornado received a lot of media attention.  The Hackleburg and Phil Campbell tornado broke many records.  This tornado killed over 70 people in Alabama and injured many more.  And […]

A Couple of Rants

On Wednesday my mother and I went to the Pelham Civic Center for a job fair hosted by Employment Seeker.  And we were both disappointed.   Many people turned out dressed professionally for […]

Rainsville Tornado

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/hun/?n=4272011_dekalb_county One of the few tornadoes to be rated an EF5 on April 27th hit in Dekalb County Alabama.  Communities such as Geraldine, Fyffe, Rainsville, and Sylvania were hit hard of this tornado.  33 people died […]

Alabama Social Media Association With Erika Napoletano

So on Tuesday many people including me had a wonderful time at the Alabama Social Media Association Luncheon with special guest Erika Napoletano from http://www.redheadwriting.com/ and her new book The Power of Unpopular.  http://www.unpopularbook.com/  The room […]

Cullman Tornado

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/hun/?n=4272011_cullman_county Another significant tornado to hit Alabama on 4-27-11 was the Cullman, Alabama tornado. This tornado went through the heart of downtown Cullman.  This tornado was the first to be caught on a […]

Animation Monday: Tornadoes

This week on Animation Monday I wanted to continue the tornado theme since Geek Alabama is remembering the 4-27-11 tornado outbreak.  I think everyone has seen the movie Twister.  This movie was groundbreaking as […]

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