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Explore The Types Of People Who Stay In Hotels

The hoarder, the germaphobe, the one who think it’s a spa, the noisy neighbor, and more.  These are the types of people you might find in a hotel room.  It’s A Southern […]

See What Happens When Dad Plans The Ultimate Cookout

Do you have what it takes to plan the ultimate cookout?  Do you have the guts to plan an epic PowerPoint presentation and speak in front of your family to tell them […]

See How ALDI Has Become So Successful

I go to ALDI once a week.  Seriously, you can’t pass up a gallon of milk for under one dollar and eggs for almost nothing.  Their prices are just too good to […]

See Why Back-To-Back Calls Should Be Illegal

We do some wacky things with our phones, and calling someone back-to-back is one of them.  It’s A Southern Thing brings us another edition of the Southern People’s Court.  Is it acceptable […]

Study Aims To Learn Why People In Rural South Are Less Healthy And Die Sooner

Post by Holly Gainer from Alabama NewsCenter Why people in rural communities in the South live shorter and less healthy lives than those who reside elsewhere in the United States is the […]

Organizing The Perfect Bar Mitzvah In Alabama

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah – the traditional ‘coming of age’ ceremony that marks a child’s transition into pre adulthood – is a big cause for celebration across the  United States, with […]

Explore The Interesting Marketing History Between Disney And McDonald’s / Burger King

Disney is one major marketing machine.  They know how to market their movies to anyone.  And this includes toys to kids at McDonald’s and Burger King.  Throughout the 1990’s, McDonald’s and Burger […]

Find Out Which Five Barbecue Joints James Spann Loves the Most

As what James Spann says in the video below, everyone has their own favorite BBQ joints.  This Is Alabama had James Spann tell everyone his five favorite barbecue joints in the state […]

Watch This Think Like A Florida Man Game

You heard of the Florida Man challenge, but could you play a game based on the challenge?  It’s A Southern Thing had two women play the Florida Man game.  Who knew more […]

See Good Mythical Morning Hosts Rhett And Link In Birmingham This September

Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are going on tour again!  And this time, the duo is coming to Alabama!  Rhett & Link’s YouTube channels have a combined subscriber […]

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