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Did the Global Flood From Noah’s Ark Actually Happen?

While the US welcomes people from all backgrounds and faiths, the Judeo-Christian worldview is still a strong part of our culture. This means that you and your students have probably heard about the story of Noah’s ark and the great flood that covered the whole world. If your students come to you wondering if this story is true, you can help them separate fact from myth to answer the question: Did the global flood from Noah’s ark actually happen?

Did the Global Flood From Noah’s Ark Actually Happen?


A Brief Recap of Noah’s Ark and Other Global Floods

Before we delve into the scientific aspect, let’s catch up on the story itself. While Noah’s ark is one of the most famous stories from the Bible, some of your students may not know or remember it. In the Book of Genesis, God decides to wash away the evil on Earth by flooding the planet with water. He instructs Noah to build an enormous ark for his family and selected animals. They survive a 40-day flood that supposedly covers the entire Earth. Afterward, God promises Noah to never flood the Earth again.

Other cultures also feature global flood myths. The ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and the Hindu story of Manu are two of the most famous ones. Since global flooding is a recurring theme across cultures, you can explain that an actual event may have inspired these separate stories.


Geological Evidence for and Against a Global Flood

Now you can dive into the science. Start with a grade-appropriate geological analysis, studying aspects such as sedimentary deposition and marine fossils in higher altitudes. Supportive scientists suggest that a rapid inundation caused these layers of sediment, and marine fossils in mountains could be due to the flood’s waters. You can show your students this supportive evidence.

Critics point out that dating sedimentary layers reveals they probably formed throughout millions of years, not just 40 days. The fossil record also shows that marine and terrestrial fossils are typically well-separated, so a global flood probably wasn’t the cause of marine fossils in mountains. Most of the scientific community leans toward the belief that catastrophic but localized flooding events are the actual bases of these stories.


Could an Ark Really Save Noah?

Students may also question whether a big boat could save so many people and animals. The ark was said to hold the eight people in Noah’s family as well as two of every kind of animal plus seven of every kind of “clean” animal. Some people estimate this was around 15,000 animals.

Most people think it would be impossible for Noah and his family to build and maintain a boat big enough for this many animals. They also believe it’s unlikely they could meet the logistical challenges of having the right diet and habitat for every living creature on the ark. You can include the science of animal diets and habitats as part of your discussion.

The story of the global flood from Noah’s ark has captured the imagination of countless people for a long time, including your current curious students. Whether it actually happened is difficult to say for certain, although the geological and biological evidence doesn’t support it. You can still allow religious students to maintain their beliefs while nurturing critical thinking skills and encouraging students to be inquisitive when examining scientific evidence.

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