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Why Regular Blood Tests Are Essential For A Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy should be a routine for everyone, even if it involves regular visits to clinics for checkups and medical counsel. Moreover, staying fit doesn’t only include working out, taking care of mental health, getting enough sleep, and eating good food.

It also involves determining your overall immunity and body functionality. This is where blood tests come in. Blood tests are crucial for identifying your overall wellness as it focuses on the diagnostics of various conditions by testing your blood samples.

Blood tests focus on testing the blood for enzyme, mineral levels, and other compounds that could be a risk to your health levels. The results are compared to the normal levels in the body to ensure there are no below or above-average biomarkers.

Let’s dig deeper into why regular blood tests are a necessity in order to live a healthy lifestyle.


1. Testing for The Risk of Cardiovascular Illnesses

Heart attacks and other conditions tend to be uncertain and can occur when you least expect them; however, you can take the necessary precautions based on your body’s functionality and performance. If you are involved in activities such as hypersports or exhibiting cardiovascular risk factors, you can go for the blood test to help you take the necessary precautions.

These tests are mainly focused on enzyme levels, which can be associated with cardiovascular issues. For instance, the doctors will test for troponin, an enzyme that can leak into the blood due to heart injuries. From the enzyme tests, doctors can also diagnose other issues like injuries to the heart, skeletal and brain due to the high concentration of Creatine Kinase enzymes in your blood.

Fighting these conditions can be a continuous process; hence, you should get a timely blood test done to determine if the injury is resolved or worsening. In such cases, you can book regular private blood tests to test for any cardiac biomarkers, status of the injuries, or possible illnesses.


2. Testing for Cholesterol and Lipid Levels

Cholesterol and lipid tests are ideal for healthy living and wellness to avoid the effect of cholesterol on the body.

These tests are suitable to check the viability of major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver and their ability to function optimally. High lipid concentration around these organs can affect their functionality and trigger other illnesses like heart-related conditions.

The tests will involve determining the HDL and LDL concentrations. Higher concentrations of LDL can trigger illnesses such as plaque around blood vessels and harm major organs. Therefore, you need interventions such as workouts to burn the concentration and levels.

Also, below-average HDL, i.e., below 40 mg/dL, can be a risk factor for illnesses. You can also get this test done as part of your wellness and fitness routine to help you take the necessary and best meals to stay healthy.


3. Testing for STI

If you are sexually active, you need to take the required precautions to ensure your well-being. You also have a responsibility to your sexual partners to ensure they are safe and there is no risk of infection. To achieve that, you can get frequent blood tests done, especially if you are in sexual relations such as polyandry, multiple partners, and other arrangements.

In such cases, the diagnosis will focus on areas such as STIs, HIV, hepatitis C, and sometimes UTIs.

From the results, you can take preventative measures to ensure your safety, and in case of infection, you can advise your partner to take critical precautionary steps.

You should also note that the viral incubation period varies and is based on your body’s immunity; hence, the immediate test may never reveal anything. Therefore, it is advised to visit the clinic again after some time in case you experience any issues.


4. To Know Immunity Disorders

Getting a blood test done might seem unnecessary to a few people; however, regular blood tests are essential to know and understand your body’s overall function. For instance, you need to do the test to comprehend your body’s immunity preparation, oxygen and glucose supply in the body, and other such issues.

Therefore, you should at least do it once annually to know the white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma cell concentration.

During the test, the main focus will be on measuring red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelet concentration. From the tests, doctors can prescribe the diet and activities to help boost blood count and immunity functionality. These tests can also reveal the risk of suffering from anemia and blood clotting issues, which can lead to cardiovascular complications.

Other issues include immunity disorders due to low white blood cell counts, blood infections, etc. From the noticed abnormal levels, the doctors can engage in further tests to have appropriate diagnostics.


5. Testing for The Body’s Basal Metabolic Activities

The body’s BMR depends on the concentration of major minerals in the body, which can influence enzyme activities and other functions to enable optimal enzyme and metabolic functions. During the blood test, the doctor will test for enzymes and compounds like calcium, creatinine chloride, glucose, blood urea nitrogen, bicarbonate and, sodium, potassium.

Every compound can indicate the risk of suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, weak bones, and kidney and liver illnesses. Below and above-average concentrations of either enzyme can indicate an illness; hence, you should take the necessary precautions to correct the situation.

Besides that, a comprehensive basal metabolic panel can also test for other enzymes associated with liver, pancreatic, kidney, and digestive functions to detect any abnormalities.



Getting regular blood tests done is vital to lead a healthy lifestyle. Before going for a blood test, determine what you want to get tested for, or you can opt for a complete body test.

It is recommended to take preventive measures, such as not eating eight hours before the test and avoiding alcohol and other harmful products.

The results from the tests can determine how well your body organs are functioning, resulting in a better and improved lifestyle.

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