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Good News Fridays: How Henson Puppeteers Bring Puppets To Life

Welcome to the Good News Fridays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Good News Fridays will feature something good, wholesome, positive, and overall something great. After a long and stressful week, we all need something good to read or watch on Fridays! Enjoy a heartwarming post below!

Adam Savage visits one of the world’s most joyful places: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop! While there, veteran puppeteers John Tartaglia and Donna Kimball use Gobo and Mokey Fraggle to show Adam just how complex (physically as well as mentally) it is to bring Muppets to life on film, drawing from the methods developed by Jim Henson himself. You’ll never look at a Muppet performance the same way again!

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