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The Evening Post: Muppets Haunted Mansion | Official Trailer

Prepare to scream… and stream!  Muppets Haunted Mansion, an Original Special, makes its spook-tacular entrance now on Disney Plus. Rate This Post

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Watch As Jim Henson And Stan Lee Gets The Epic Rap Battles Treatment

Thank you Epic Rap Battles of History!  Their latest rap battle features Jim Henson going against Stan Lee.  Watch as these two go in a soft rap battle, and who is that […]

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Enjoy The Full The Muppets Pitch Video

Thank you ABC!  The network has uploaded an almost 11 minute pitch of the new show The Muppets.  This was the pitch used to convince the network to make the show!  And […]

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Get Happy With The Doubleclicks Cover Rainbow Connection

One of the geekiest bands out there, The Doubleclicks, has a new song that you will enjoy!  The song is called Rainbow Connection, the song is written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher […]

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Three More Christmas Videos To Wrap Up The 2014 Christmas Coverage

  Sadly, this will be the last Christmas themed post for the 2014 edition of a Geek Alabama Christmas.  But, I am going out with three more Christmas themed videos that you […]

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