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A gate intercom system is a property access mechanism that allows occupants to communicate with visitors and grant them access to the security gate remotely. It consists of two parts: 

  1. The base station- the device that guests use to call tenants and ask for property access. It is installed at the gate. 
  2. Substations- These are installed throughout the property and in some cases, on the tenant’s phones. Tenants use substations to both answer calls and open the gate remotely. 

Alongside the two, gate entry systems include an unlocking mechanism that responds to a tenant’s button press to open the gate.

Gate intercom systems are especially practical in several settings like industrial properties, commercial properties, parking lots, gated communities, and mixed-use buildings. 


How Does a Gate Intercom Function? 

A gate intercom works by facilitating communication between visitors at the gate and tenants within the property. This is made possible by transmitting audio signals between the base station located outdoors and the substation situated within the property. In systems that include a camera, video signals are also transmitted to enable tenants and guests to see each other.

To grant access to the visitor, the tenant presses a button on their substation, sending a signal to the gate intercom base station. The base station then sends instructions to the gate unlocking mechanism to release the lock and allow entry to the visitor. They can be used with metal and iron composite gates amongst others.


How are Intercom Systems for Gates Program? 

Intercom systems vary in some aspects, but most of them require the same steps to program. These are:

  1. Install the intercom and request activation from the provider.
  2. Access the online dashboard and input all tenant information.
  3. Check if the gate intercom integrates with the property management system (PMS). If so, connect the PMS to the intercom to automatically upload all tenant data.
  4. If the intercom features a mobile app, send instructions to tenants on how to register their devices with the system.


Why Should You Install a Gate Intercom System? 

Perhaps you run or own a commercial property, a gated community, or an apartment complex. Regardless, you will need an entry system that not only keeps the property secure but allows for seamless access for both tenants and authorized guests. The best way to achieve both goals is through a gate intercom system. 

Conventional gate access control systems for example, usually use keycards or fobs to gain entry. While this is not an issue with tenants, delivery people and other visitors find it hard to gain access to the property. 

Investing in a gate intercom system is viable as it: 

  • Boosts security throughout a property
  • Allows tenants to remotely allow their visitors to enter the property
  • Reduces the time property staff spend on managing guest access
  • Ascertains the delivery people have convenient access to the property
  • Prevents vehicle stacking and helps the property owner avoid fines for vehicles backed up to the street. 
  • Keeps people’s goods and items safe from theft

Simply put, an intercom system is a necessity for any gated property given its upsides. 


How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gate Intercom System? 

The cost of installing a gate intercom system ranges from £1,000 to £7,000 for hardware and installation and may include additional ongoing service fees. 

The installation cost, which varies depending on the size of the property and the number of residences, is typically the largest expense associated with installing a gate intercom. The type of intercom system chosen also affects the installation cost. Depending on these factors, the installation cost can range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

The installation cost of an intercom system can increase if substations are needed in each residence, along with wiring from the base station. However, selecting a system that uses tenants’ smartphones instead of substations can significantly reduce installation costs. It’s crucial to locate a certified installer in your area who can provide you with a precise and clear estimate for installing the gate intercom. 

If you need certain features like live video, mobile app access, and integrations with your property management software, you’re likely to pay a service fee. These fees, which vary depending on the provider, could range anywhere from £250 to £1000 per month. While these features can enhance the functionality of your intercom system, it’s crucial to factor in these costs to avoid any unexpected expenses. 

Ultimately, investing in a quality gate intercom system can improve the safety and security of your property while providing convenient access control.

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