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Business Basics: What To Know Before Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a lucrative, exciting, and freeing career option for many of us, but it’s not without its risks. If you want to succeed in founding your own business, you’ll need to prepare in advance and understand the technological, administrative and logistical requirements. Geek Alabama outlines a few to consider.



Whatever your idea for a business, there’s a good chance that tech will help you to increase profits, expedite operations or automate menial tasks. Here are a few examples to show you how.


  • Accountancy: For most entrepreneurs, managing expenses, writing up budgets, and calculating revenue is not at the top of desirable tasks. Fortunately, there is plenty of accountancy software that gives you a clearer financial overview, automates expense tracking, and more. Make sure to browse your options online.


  • Project management: A reliable project management program can ensure that you don’t miss deadlines, helping you to track appointments, projects, and individual tasks by sending you reminders on mobile and desktop.


  • Website monitoring: With the right tools, it’s possible to get the most out of your website, tracking online traffic, user sources, conversions, and more to help you learn about your customers and their spending habits.



There are a number of logistical components to running a business, and getting ahead of these is likely to save you time and money in the long term.


  • Workspace: Having a quiet, productive space where you can conduct business is essential if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. Thankfully, with the advent of remote working, it’s possible to convert areas of the home for the purpose of work or even rent a shared space, saving money on unnecessary office costs.


  • Company structure: The shape and structure of your business can affect everything from your legality to your bottom line. A Limited Liability Company (LLC), for example, can reduce your personal liability, provide tax advantages and leave you with less paperwork to worry about. A formation service will help you to set up an LLC online and save on lawyer fees. Just be sure to first compare the top services by Googling “BestLLCServices reviews – should I use LegalZoom for LLC” and make your choice based on factors including affordability and what all they offer including ongoing filing services.


  • Permits & licenses: If you want to keep everything above water, Constant Contact notes that it’s important to understand which permits and licenses are required to operate a business in your state. Carry out plenty of research online and factor these costs into your budget before you begin operations.


Early Momentum

For many entrepreneurs, the first couple of days are not only the hardest but also the most important. Make sure you have a plan of attack before you take the leap.


  • Marketing: Whatever it is you’re selling, if you don’t know how to sell in the modern market, you’re unlikely to get wings off the ground. Read up about the latest marketing strategies and see if you can leverage email, social, PPC, and search engines to reach new customers and generate leads.


  • Networking: As important as your own personal knowledge are the people that you know. With the right contacts, it’s possible to form early partnerships and collaborations or receive critical advice that will help power your business forward. PushFar suggests trying to reach out to others via Linkedin or expand your circle at networking events, ensuring your contacts are as diverse and progressive thinking as possible.


When it comes to entrepreneurship, one thing is certain – the hard work and inspiration need to come from you. Arm yourself with knowledge and your company with the necessary administrative requirements (such as permits or an LLC status), and you’ll soon be on your way to business success.


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