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What To Know About Choosing Your Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are essential for any building that requires internet access, even when you want to use Wi-Fi. Ethernet cables are the basis of any good internet system, and you need quality cables to ensure reliable access. That’s why it’s crucial that you know how to choose the right Ethernet cables for your needs.

What To Know About Choosing Your Ethernet Cables


Length of Cord

You should know how much distance you want your cord to cover inside your home. A cord with too much length will be difficult to store and create a mess, while a short cord won’t connect your equipment. So, measure your space before buying anything to ensure you’re getting the proper cable length.


Types of Ethernet Cables

There’s a wide variety of Ethernet cables out there, each with different purposes and benefits. While the differences may seem minor, they can significantly impact your systems. For example, you should know if the T568a or T568b is the best choice for your system.


Shielded vs. Non-Shielded Cables

Every Ethernet cable comes either shielded or non-shielded, each having unique benefits. Simply put, shielded cables have more protection and can resist more interference, but they cost a lot more. So, it’s only worth it if you have a system that generates a lot of signal noise.


Bandwidth Capacity

The last big thing you should know about Ethernet cables when choosing the right one for you is the bandwidth capacity of each cable. Every cord can only handle so much bandwidth, so you want one that matches your needs. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling with slow internet speeds and throttling.

These are the major things to keep in mind when it comes to accessing the internet in a new building or home. Creating an internet connection isn’t always straightforward, and it takes the right parts to do it well, which is why you need the best Ethernet cables for the job.

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