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Alabama Homeowners: How To Tell If Your Windows Are Energy Efficient

Windows are not just a design feature of your home – They let in natural light, help to regulate temperature and provide security, but they can also play a role in the energy efficiency of your home.  So, how do you know if your windows are energy efficient?  Let’s find out!

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Factor #1. Stable monthly energy expenses

One of the key indicators that your windows are energy efficient is if you have stable energy expenses month-on-month. This means that regardless of weather or temperature changes, your windows are able to keep the external fluctuations at bay to help keep your energy bills (from things such as AC units or radiators) consistent.

If your energy bills spike during the summer and winter months, it is already a sign to check if your windows need updating.


Factor #2. You do not experience frequent drafts

Drafts occur when outside air moves through gaps in the window, making your home feel less comfortable and cozy.  If you are experiencing oddly warm or cold spaces in your living space, it is time to have your windows assessed and perhaps upgraded to a better airtight sealed design.

You can also check for drafts by simply putting your hand near the window or using an energy detector device to detect any moving air. If energy is detected moving through the window, it is likely that your windows are energy inefficient.


Factor #3. Window pane condensation and frost are not a concern

Window panes that provide optimal airtight sealing are able to effectively prevent interior air from making contact with outside air. When this happens, you will not experience any condensation or frost build-up on your window panes since the energy efficiency technology prevents the temperature extremes from entering your living space.

If you see condensation or frost on your window panes, it is time to get yourself a well-deserved upgrade to energy-efficient windows that serve you way better down the line.


Factor #4. You get a green light from your energy efficiency assessment session!

Lastly, energy efficiency evaluations conducted by professionals can help you determine if your windows are still functioning at their best. During an energy assessment session, professionals will assess the energy performance of your home, selected appliances, and the contributing factors such as your windows.  They can then provide suggestions on how to bring it up to energy efficiency standards.

If your windows pass this energy assessment, congratulations – you have energy-efficient windows in excellent condition!

Now that you know how to tell if your windows are energy efficient in your Alabama home, it is time to make sure that your windows are up-to-date with energy efficiency standards. To help you out, here are some tips on how to make your windows energy efficient.


Tips for Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Ozgu Ozden from Unsplash


Pro tip #1. Get an energy evaluation first

Before you delve right into upgrading or getting yourself a new set of windows, it’s important to have a professional energy evaluation done. This will help determine which energy-efficient solutions are best suited for your home and provide ideas on how to improve energy efficiency performance.


Pro tip #2. Consider getting an upgrade

Once you’ve received the results of your energy assessment, you can then decide if it’s time to switch up your energy-inefficient panes with good bang for the buck ones; or if you can get away with investing in window upgrades such as additional sealing or coating.

Speaking of upgrades, the Mighty Dog Roofing team in Hoover, Alabama are one of the go-to options for  locals when it comes to windows, roofing or even siding matters for their homes.


Pro tip #3. Protect your new energy-efficient windows

The last thing you want is for your energy-efficient windows to get damaged right after you upgrade them. To avoid this, make sure that your new windows are protected and maintained properly with regular cleaning and inspections.


Final Thoughts

Knowing how to tell if your windows are still doing an excellent job or taking the necessary steps to determine such is essential for energy efficiency performance, comfort, and savings!

Not only that but being able to scan through options may help you obtain the best styles and types that work out for you, too! Make sure to keep these tips in mind when looking into energy-efficient windows. Good luck!

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