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Fashion Trends To Expect In Alabama This Winter

Every winter, fashion trends in Alabama change slightly, which you would definitely pick up on if you were to observe the shift in clothing seen on the high street from year to year. Fashion trends seem to ripple a bit among the young people in Alabama and there are things that stand out as certainly the dominant trend of the season.


Fashionable Chunky Trainers

Chunky trainers are the best thing to invest in for the winter because they are comfortable and can be worn with any winter outfit. They also are super on trend at the moment and are a slightly more interesting way to wear trainers than your regular options. These Platform Converse are exactly what is expected to be big this winter. Converse as a brand has pretty much always been big and successful since they began making shoes, but now they make even more styles than before, so you can stick with the classics or go for something more edgy and different. Platform Converse are the perfect way to stick with something that you know to be trustworthy but adding a bit of a twist.

Chunky trainers also look a little bit smarter than normal trainer styles and pairing them with some dark flowy trousers and a nice top will be the perfect classy yet effortless winter outfit for this year. Sometimes, wearing boots does not seem like something you want to do when wandering around a city extensively or going out for a meal. Chunky trainers provide a similar level of class to a lot of ankle boots but have the added comfort of a bouncy sole and a flat bottom.


Chunky Knit Scarves

Sticking with the chunky theme, knit scarves are also expected to be big on trend this winter, being both warm and cozy and adding a cool fashion accessory to your outfit. Keeping your neck warm does surprising amounts for the rest of your body, as your neck is one of the body parts which can determine your overall temperature if it is warm or cold.

To add a statement piece, a colorful chunky scarf is perfect. This is a great way of introducing colors and patterns to an outfit if this is something you are aiming to do more, without having to commit to having a bold outfit.

Likewise, a monochrome chunky knit scarf can also look amazing as part of an outfit and the benefit of these is the possibility of pairing them with anything and not having to consider whether or not they match.


Long Trench Coats

Long trench coats are definitely going to be big this winter in Alabama. We have seen a rise in long coats, which look really cool and are also one of the easiest things to wear. It does not matter what you wear under a trench coat, since the length of it will cover your underneath outfit and instantly make you look very put together. Drawing from a classic style, the trench coat is completely timeless.

Trench coats spotted this year have been a combination of very authentic looking beige colored ones and a few modern twists, such as the inclusion of zips or interesting patterns and colors. Many trench coats are waterproof too, making them a practical choice for a rainy day, especially when paired with an umbrella. You can buy trench coats for either a pretty reasonable price or you can go for an expensive one, depending on your budget and how committed to the style of coat you are.


Dark But Fun Hair Colors

Another fashion trend to expect this year revolves around hair: dark but funky hair colors will definitely be seen around a lot. Many people want to have some sort of change to lift them out of the winter blues at this time of year and having a hair color revamp is always an obvious choice. Lighter colors tend to be avoided during the colder months and instead darker tones are opted for. Colors like deep purple, burgundy red and even navy blues will be all it this winter, which will go perfectly with those winter outfits.

These sorts of hair colors can be achieved using semi-permanent dyes which will wash out eventually, so there is no disadvantage to having a bit of fun with your hair without a permanent commitment! You could even pair this with a new style, such as a short bob or something that frames the face.

All trends expected this winter in Alabama are things that we have seen before and are making their way back to the forefront of fashion. This means if you invest in any of these trends, you won’t have to swap them out this year: all are timeless trends that are simply resurfacing.

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