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How To Easily Make New Friends In College

College is a time for new experiences, meeting new people, and discovering new interests. But making friends while in college can be tough. You’re in a new place with new people and may feel that you have limited opportunities to meet people from your class.

Here are some tips for easily making new friends in college.


1. Attend Events

Attending events hosted by clubs, organizations, or departments on campus allows you to meet new people in your major or department and get involved in your community.

You’ll find that there are tons of events that are centered around meeting new people and making connections. You can attend sporting events, concerts, club-related activities, or cultural events.

You can also check to see if any of the departments at your school hosts events that might interest you. Getting involved and attending these events can help you meet people with similar interests, build connections, and make friends in college.


2. Join a Club or Participate in Activities You Love

Consider joining a club or participating in activities you love. Joining clubs and participating in activities that you’re passionate about is a great way to meet new people and make friends in college.

You’ll want to share your enthusiasm with others if you’re passionate about something. Sharing your passions can lead to meaningful conversations and the potential to make great friends.

If you’re shy or unsure what passions you may have, try taking a few personality tests or inventories to help you discover your interests.

Joining clubs and organizations can also help you get involved in your community and build a robust resume while you’re still in school.


3. Network with Peers

Networking is the strategic building of relationships with people you hope to call your friends one day. While networking may seem a little strategic, it’s a great way to make friends in college that are meaningful and long-lasting.

Talk to people you know and ask for recommendations. Get in touch with your classmates and see if they belong to clubs or organizations. When building relationships with people, be genuine and share your interests with them.

Be interested in others, ask questions, and avoid focusing on yourself too much. Pay attention to the people around you and try to build a genuine relationship with them.


4. Interact with Your Student Housing Community

Your student housing community is often the first place where you can meet peers and potential friends. You may want to meet your neighbors if you live in an apartment or off-campus housing, such as VERVE Columbus.

Many college students make friends with the other residents in their housing community. It is an easy way to meet new people in college and build a strong community with the people you live with or are near to.

If you live in a dorm, you’ll have the chance to interact with your neighbors in the dorm. It is a great way to meet people in college, especially if you share a major or have similar interests.


5. Take Elective Courses That Interest You

Taking a fun elective with peers who share your interests allows you to make friends and learn from each other. You can learn more about your peers and their passions through class discussions and projects.

You can share a common experience with the other students in the class and learn more about them as you progress through the semester. Taking a class with peers who share your passions and interests can also help you build a robust course schedule while helping you make college friends.

If there are clubs related to your class, you might even be able to join them and meet even more people. You can get to know others, expand your network and get to know people in different majors or fields outside your major.



Making friends in college can be an overwhelming experience. You’ll likely be in a new environment and have little to no friends.

No matter how you decide to make friends in college, you’re sure to find someone who shares common interests or a unique perspective that can enrich your life.

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