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Travel Tips & Tricks That Your Family Should Consider

If you didn’t get to travel last year, you may be extremely excited about any upcoming vacation plans. However, it’s a good idea to remember that you’re also trying to relax while on vacation. You may have gotten good at social distancing and find it relaxing. If so, continue!

Rent a House

Skip the hotel and constantly need to go to a restaurant and rent a vacation house. Many vacation rentals offer terrific ways to relax in place instead of sheltering in place. Look for places with top quality hosts and off-street parking as needed. When you arrive, get groceries delivered. If you’ve been doing a lot more cooking in 2020 and are ready for a break, treat yourself to premade foods and prepackaged foods. Load up on fresh fruits and make sure there’s plenty of water, but unless you like to cook on vacation because you don’t have time to in real life, stay out of the kitchen.


Don’t Overbook Your Activities

If the weather permits, try to rent a house with a pool or easy access to the water. Plan to spend a day or two hanging out in your beach house swimwear, soaking up some sun, and resting. Try to book no more than one activity every two days. Because you’re in a house, do try to treat yourself to audiobooks or a new book on your tablet. Try to make sure that each member of your clan has their own electric device and headphones so everyone can get a break from the constant noise of television if it’s always on in your home.


Clothing Choices to Keep Things Simple

Take a look at your packing list to make sure that everyone will have the outfit they need for each activity. If you’re traveling to a warm weather adventure, make sure everyone has sandals that will tolerate a lot of walking. For families with kids who love to change clothes many times a day, consider packing the dress-up clothes with the grown-up gear so the outfit is fresh for that big dinner out.

If your rental has a pool, ask them to leave you instructions for which towels can go to the pool and which towels are for indoor use only. This is critical if you’re swimming in a lake or hanging out on the beach; sand can be very hard on towels and unkind to the washer and dryer in the house. Taking the wrong towels to the beach may result in a bad rating for you as a renter or an extra fee. Try to get everyone in your clan to be particular about towels and wet garments. Make sure everything gets hung up at night so it will dry for use the next day, or at least dry to the point that you can load them in a hamper and avoid mildew.


Plan a Siesta

If you want to hang out at the house and your family wants to be on the go all the time, put your foot down and require a daily siesta. Even if nobody naps, make sure that you are back at the house for the hottest part of the day when possible so you can relax, regroup, hang out, and plan dinner or the activities for the next day. By settling in the rental in the afternoons, you will have the time to dress for dinner if you choose, or you can figure out dinner with plenty of time to spare.


Rank Your Activities by Desire

Make a list of your intended activities by “We have to do this” to “If we have time” and make sure that everyone in your group is represented on the “have to” list. If you’re traveling with children, you may be tempted to focus on all fun or all education, but remember that kids can learn positive actions and habits any time of the day, including family activities in Destin, Florida.



Avoid overloading your schedule, but keep a careful list of your “I want” activities. Protect your afternoons as that’s when many folks, both little and big, can get tired and cranky. Try to allow everyone the chance to enjoy some solo electronic time, and make one of your vacation goals a daily nap.

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