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Potential Sources Of Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) happens when something disrupts an electrical path. Both artificial and natural factors can cause this kind of disturbance. Luckily, EMI shielding protects cell phones and medical devices from severe damage.

To protect your gadgets from EMI, you need to know what causes the problem. The potential sources of electromagnetic interference might surprise you. Experts must find ways to mitigate electrical issues from these common causes.

Potential Sources of Electromagnetic Interference

Natural Events

Would you believe that natural events can cause electromagnetic interference? Lighting storms and solar flares change upper atmospheric conditions, which disrupt electrical transmissions.

Even natural phenomena like the Aurora Borealis can cause electromagnetic interference. Since the light show happens when Earth’s magnetic fields trap sun particles, it makes sense that EMI would occur during the event.


Electrical Devices

Devices like cell phones and computers have a positive impact on society. However, they also come with a few consequences. One of the most significant sources of electromagnetic interference is electrical devices.

Your phone can also be a victim of EMI. Inherent electromagnetic interference occurs when internal components react negatively to each other. That’s why modern technology uses vacuum coating to protect itself.


Ignition Systems

Did you know that your car could cause electronic malfunctions? This is because EMI also has an automotive source. Ignition systems generate short pulses of energy, producing frequencies that can block electrical paths.

Like electronic devices, your vehicle can cause EMI while suffering from it at the same time. Phantom charges may engage things like radios and cruise control systems. Grounding and proper wiring can help reduce these occurrences.


Cosmic Noise

Much of what we know about space also exists in a cloud of mystery. For example, cosmic noise is a term for phenomena that affect things on Earth. While we don’t know exactly what it is, we do know that it causes electromagnetic interference.

Experts know cosmic noise causes EMI similarly to solar flares. Foreign waves interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, causing electronic breakdowns all across the globe. While we can’t prevent these events, we can study them as they occur and protect devices in the meantime.

If all of this sounds complicated and frightening, don’t worry; professionals have developed coatings and shields to keep essential gadgets safe from EMI. Still, it’s worth understanding that factors beyond our field of vision impact our daily lives.

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