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3 Reasons Why People Prefer Online Therapy Over In Person

Telehealth has been a popular form of healthcare for years, and many patients are using this option for their therapy sessions. The rise of video calling has made it easier for patients to attend their therapy sessions without leaving their homes.

In addition to finding a therapist in their network, patients can go through trustworthy, verified platforms to find a virtual therapist. The platform matches patients with an online counsellor who meets their needs.

While many patients still prefer in-person visits, it is no secret that virtual therapy is taking the world by storm. Here are three reasons why people prefer online therapy to in-person therapy.


Affordable For Those Without Coverage

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why some people cannot turn to therapy for their mental health. Their insurance may not cover all the sessions, and the out-of-pocket costs can add up. In addition, therapists in their network may not be accepting new patients at the moment.

Luckily, there are platforms that offer online counselling at a more affordable price than traditional therapy. In most cases, the sessions are covered by insurance. Patients who did not realize these sessions are covered by insurance now have this option for the therapy they need.

Sessions that are not covered by insurance are still offered at a budget-friendly price. The price per session can be found on the website or platform, so patients do not have to worry about any surprise fees. Patients also have the option of choosing the number of sessions per month.

If you fall into the category of those who cannot afford traditional therapy, you can use a verified platform to find a virtual therapist who is affordable and meets your specific needs.


Attend Your Therapy Sessions at Home

There are many people who prefer virtual doctor’s visits to in-person visits, and you may fall into this category yourself. With the rise of virtual therapy, you have the option of attending your sessions from the comfort of your own home. Imagine sitting on your couch in comfortable clothes during your therapy session. The increased comfort can make it easier to open up to your therapist as needed.

In addition to comfort, virtual therapy sessions are also convenient because you do not have to plan your day around the commute and wait time. For example, you can take care of chores around the house until it is time to sign online for your therapy session.

You also have the option of attending your sessions from other locations, such as your work office or parked car. This way, you can get the care you need even when you are swamped with work or errands.

As you can see, comfort and convenience play a big role in why people prefer virtual therapy to in-person therapy.


Easier to Maintain Your Privacy

It is understandable to want to maintain your privacy when attending therapy sessions, especially with the stigma behind mental health from many people.

If you are worried about running into someone you know while attending traditional therapy, you may find online therapy to be a better option. The virtual sessions take place in your home or another preferred location, and you do not have to tell anyone you have been attending therapy unless you want them to know.

You can also close your bedroom door and not worry about anyone listening in on your session. During a traditional therapy session, you may feel worried about someone knocking on your therapist’s door while you are discussing a sensitive topic.

You also may feel more comfortable addressing certain topics during a virtual session than in a face-to-face session. There is something about virtual therapy that makes you feel less judged, especially when you are in a comfortable environment such as your home.



The decision to attend online therapy over in-person therapy is a matter of personal preference. However, there have been many benefits of attending online therapy. You have the comfort and convenience of choosing to attend your sessions at home. Additionally, the option of online therapy increases your chances of finding an affordable virtual counsellor who specializes in the type of therapy you need.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is safe to say that online therapy is not going away anytime soon.

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