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What Are Dental Crowns And How They Can Make Your Life Easier

Introduction: What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration used to cover a tooth and protect the tooth from decay or injury. It is usually made of porcelain, gold, or a mix of both. A dental crown can also be used to replace a missing tooth. A dentist will take an impression of your mouth and send it to a lab that will create the crown for you. A dental crown is usually attached to your tooth with cement or metal clasps placed on the teeth’ chewing surface.

What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns Rocky Mountain House is used to protect teeth that have been damaged or broken. They are also used to restore a tooth that has been lost. Crowns come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can be made out of various materials.

Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, or a combination of the two materials. Porcelain is more popular because it is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

There are three main types of dental crowns:

  • A metal cap that covers the entire tooth,
  • A porcelain cap covering most of the tooth with a metal core, and
  • A full porcelain crown covers the entire tooth with no metalcore.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to cover the tooth when there is a problem with the shape, size, or structure. The crown can be made from several materials, including gold, porcelain, and metal. A dental crown is a type of restoration placed over an individual tooth to protect it from damage and restore its appearance. Dental crowns are also used to replace missing teeth and cover defective teeth. If the whole teeth are required to be replaced, one can consider Dental Implants Rocky Mountain House.


How Does a Dental Crown Work as a Tooth Replacement?

A dental crown is a restoration used to cover the visible surface of a tooth. The crown may be attached to the tooth by metal clasps on the back of the teeth. The purpose of a dental crown is to protect and strengthen teeth that have been broken or have lost too much structure due to decay or trauma.


Who Can Benefit from a Dental Crown Replacement?

If a tooth is broken or has been damaged somehow, a dental crown can be used to restore it. A dental crown is a cover for a tooth that has been designed to protect the tooth from further damage and help it heal. For those people who have lost teeth, dental bridges are often used to replace them. Bridges are prosthetic devices that fill the space where teeth have been lost and support replacement teeth.



A dentist will typically use a dental crown when a tooth needs to be covered because of decay, cracks or other structural damage. Dentist Rocky Mountain House can make a dental crown in one visit if the patient has healthy teeth and gums and has no underlying medical conditions that could complicate their treatment. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth and send it off to a lab where it will be prepared for a temporary crown until the permanent one can be made. If you need replacing or restoring any of your teeth, then choose the dentist for crowning or implantation wisely.

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