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9 Must-Have Devices To Make Your Home Safe Instantly

Technology has come a long way to provide home security solutions that give you peace of mind even when you aren’t near your home. There are plenty of devices that can help you with this. Here are 9 of the best for you.

You can install the following devices to make your home safe instantly.


1: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Most Smoke detectors will come with carbon monoxide detection capabilities, which is a plus. Immediately your device detects smoke or carbon monoxide; you instantly get an alert on your smartphone.

With this feature, you can contact emergency services to rush to your home.


2: Water Leak Sensor

This home security feature can save expensive repair costs and keep you safe from natural calamities like floods.

Immediately a water abnormality is detected in your home; an alert is sent to your smartphone wherever you are. You can then act on the threat promptly.


3: Thermostat

Thermostats allow you to monitor your home temperature and energy use when you’re not there. A thermostat can dictate to your air conditioning how you want your home environment to be before you enter your door.

It can protect your home from nuisances like freezing water pipes that often result in substantial repair bills. A good example is the Nest Learning Thermostat powered by the Nest Security System


4: CCTV Cameras

Cameras provide surveillance in real-time for any activity that goes on in your home. They can be set inside and strategically around the house as ideal access points for burglars. Some can relay this information remotely to wherever you are so you can always keep watch of your home.


5: Smart Garage Door Opener

This device allows you to open and close your garage door remotely. For example, as you pull up to your driveway, you can set the device to identify your vehicle and start opening your garage door automatically. This can eliminate the threat of carjacking as you descend from your vehicle to open your garage door.


6: Smart Doorbell

This is another home security solution that lets you have a look and hear whoever is at your door. The smart doorbell comes with a camera, mic, and speaker that relays audiovisuals. You can communicate with the person at your door. And keep away people that are intruding in your home.


7: Smart Lock

A smart lock allows you to lock or unlock your door even when you are not close to your house. Smart locks can even alert you when the door is open, like in the case of home intrusion.


8: Smart Lights and Blinds

Smart lights and blinds allow you to control the ambience in your home even when you aren’t home. They can make it look like you are at home, keeping burglars at bay. You can set the lights and blinds to open and close at a particular time of the day.


9: Window Sensors

Picture this; what if you or the authorities can get alerted anytime a burglar enters through your window? You can get this home security feature with a window sensor.


Final Thoughts

With all of these devices or some of them, you are sure to enhance security in your home. Some of these devices can be installed as DIY, but some require a little technical help from a qualified security technician, So be sure to contact one if need be.

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