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6 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Creative People

There are so many crafty and creative options for people who want to have an extra income. As a creative person, you choose the projects based on the time you have to invest, the skills you have, whether you want to work with others or alone, and your money goals. Here are six side hustles to consider.


1. Creating And Selling Crafts On Etsy

Etsy is the largest marketplace for crafters, creators, and artists looking to sell handmade products. You can create and sell artwork, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, vintage items, décor items, and so much more. Unlike the giant shopping sites, such as Amazon, Etsy is a unique shopping space created for creatives. It is easy to create a free account on Etsy unlike building a website for your products. However, you still need a way to market your products and your brand.


2. Become A Freelance Writer

Freelance writing gives you freedom. You can write for online magazines and publications, create content for blogs, create newsletters and marketing copies, and much more. With freelance writing, you choose when to work and what topics to work on. There are so many opportunities for freelance writers today with so many online publications looking for writers. As a freelance writer, you are in control of your work. You choose what to charge and the clients you work with.


3. Create And Sell NFT

Non-Fungible Tokens are a hot topic right now. You can use different platforms to create your own NFT, customize it for your brand, monetize it, market it, and sell it. NFTs are great for creatives looking to generate digital art or for creative companies that want to create digital assets. Getting started is not a challenge as long as you have the right tools. Use templates provided on a creative platform to customize the content you create and then monetize the products you create. Learn more about NFTs and understand how they can help you make an extra income as a creative.


4. Try Affiliate Marketing

Are you good at convincing people to buy different products? If yes, you can be a good affiliate marketer. Here, you earn a commission when someone buys a product or service you recommend. There are hundreds of affiliate niches to choose from, depending on what industry you want to venture in.

The payment from affiliate marketing is performance-based, so you have to get as many sales, clicks, or impressions as possible to earn enough. To earn a substantial amount, you need a huge following on your blog or social media sites. When choosing a program, consider the commission rate, the products you will be selling, and how conversant you are with the industry.


5. Try Photography and Videography

With the rise of social media, YouTube videos, and digital marketing, individuals and companies are looking for the best photos and videos for online consumption. With a good DSLR or Mirrorless camera, you can start learning how to create videos and amazing photos. You also need an advanced photo and video editing tool, such as Photoshop.

Like all the other side hustles above, you need to hone your skills and market them to earn enough from them. If you have not done videography or photography before, you will need to learn the basics. On most days, you will spend time in front of your computer editing your videos and photos, so invest in the right editing software.


6. Teach A Class Online

Teaching can be your full-time job and still pay your bills. There are so many community centers looking for art instructors. Whether you are a painter, a graphic designer, a music instruments expert, a writer, a website designer, or any other creative, you can teach and earn online. If you have the resources to start a small business, you can create guides and sell them on your website or upload them on YouTube and earn from affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of creatives selling courses online and earning from them, and you can be one of them.


Closing Thoughts

One side hustle is not enough. You can take two or more side hustles; for instance, you can blog and still work as a freelance writer. Consider your skills and the time available and start earning as a creative today.

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