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What Goes Into A High Quality Press Release?

No matter what it is that you are promoting or releasing to the market, there are certain fundamentals which every single press release should have in order to for it to be successful. Regardless of whether this is a new line of animatronic dinosaurs, an update on your business’ policies or a reaction to an event, these are the core principles which you should always look to include in a press release if you want to ensure that it delivers the results which you are aiming for.


Review Your Story

Something which so many people fail to understand is that press releases are for stories or announcements which are actually newsworthy. This can be a great tool for businesses but only if it used in the right moment and for the right reason. Given the cost and time which you will need to invest in a press release, you must ensure the story is newsworthy. Remember the acronym TRUTH here:

  • Topical or timely?
  • Relevant?
  • Unique or unusual?
  • Trouble or tragedy which could add tension?
  • Human interest


Answer The Dubs

As basic as it sounds, the 6 W questions have to be answered. This is something which some press releases ignore, despite how essential they are. What are you talking about, why, who is it for, who is doing it, where is it happening, when will it happen and how will it be done? Cover these aspects and you are sure to have a full and informative release for the public.


First Paragraph

In reality, no matter how long your press release may be, you have got to use that first paragraph well. This should summarize exactly what the release is about and it should be compelling enough for people to continue reading.


Sole Purpose

Something which you should look to avoid is combining multiple stories in a single release. This is only going to confuse people and you are going to essentially water down each story, which will see it lose traction. Decide what story you are telling and why, then put your weight behind it.


Third Person Point of View

This story has got to come from the point of view of your client or your organization, which is exactly why you have to ensure that you scribe in the third person. Speaking in the first person can seem like a member of the organization is talking, rather than the business as a whole.


Nail That Headline

The headline which you write for your press release is absolutely critical, because so many people will switch off if this is not captivating enough for them to hang around. This shouldn’t be the case but in a world with so much content, readers need to make snap decisions about which pieces are worth their time and energy. Don’t try to be too clever here or get too cryptic, focus on what the release is about, offer clear and concise information about it in the headline and leave a little bit of vagueness so the reader will follow down through the text.

These are the characteristics of a great press release.

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