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The Different Collectible Toy Brands You Should Know

Most people think that toys are synonymous with children. However, avid anime, comic book, and video game lovers know that toys can also be valuable collectibles. From vintage figures with a sense of nostalgia to ultra-rare and expensive items, collecting toys is a great way to engage in your favorite fandom.

When it comes to collectible toy brands, there are a few names you should know. These manufacturers have built an empire by providing fans with high-quality merchandise. Next time you want to expand your collection, make sure you’ve got these brands in your inventory.

The Different Collectible Toy Brands You Should Know



If you’ve been in the collecting game for a while, you’re probably familiar with Hasbro. This toy manufacturer is like the grandfather of all other brands on the market. Hasbro has an exciting history that shows just how successful they have become.

Hasbro first hit the scene with the iconic Mr. Potato Head. From there, they birthed the original G.I Joe, a staple in action figure history, and many other iconic franchises from then on. If there’s one collectible toy brand you should know about, it has to be Hasbro.



Bandai is another name in toy manufacturing that is currently making waves. This Japanese manufacturer covers all kinds of popular series, from Power Rangers to ThunderCats.

This brand is a must-know if you’re a fan of anime. Bandai has licensing agreements with some of the most popular shows, like One Piece, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and more! Bandai has cemented themselves in nerd culture, making them the perfect addition to any collection.



If you want a diverse inventory of cool and unusual figures, you need to start collecting Funko products. This brand is the mastermind behind the totally famous Funko POP! line. There’s nothing cuter on the market than a vinyl figure with a big head, large eyes, and plenty of aww factor.

Funko POP!s are a modern addition to the collectible community. They began distributing these popular toys in 2010 and have seen worldwide success. You can collect Funko POP!s exclusively or mix and match them for a super unique collection.

There are so many other name brands that you can collect, but these three take the top spots. Don’t waste your time and money on low-quality brands; stick with these manufacturers to build a collection everyone will envy.

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