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5 Ways To Create A Better Experience For Your Customers

While marketing is an important part of growing your business, you’ll also want to focus attention on retaining current and past customers. If you’re not meeting the needs of your customers or providing an unsatisfactory experience in some way, it won’t be long before those consumers turn to a competitor. You can avoid customer churn by consistently evaluating the customer experience your business provides.

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Give Your Employees More Power

The customer experience is directly related to the employee experience, so you should begin by empowering your own team. Find out what challenges your employees face in their daily duties, and look for ways to alleviate those pain points. By improving the way in which your employees do their jobs, you’ll be creating a better company culture. Those positive mindsets will impact how your customers perceive your business. You should also empower your employees by giving them more authority to solve problems. Create a set of policies for accepting returns, approving discounts, and providing other customer perks. Your employees can provide a faster and more positive customer interaction when they have the power to solve problems without first seeking out a manager’s approval.


Help Customers Take Your Business With Them

More than 50% of people access the internet via their mobile devices and that number is steadily growing. That means you should take steps to ensure anyone can access your business on a mobile-friendly website. By making your site accessible to mobile phone users, your site will also rank higher in search results. More importantly, users will be able to interact with your business from any location. Whether they use your business’ app or access your site via their phone’s web browser, the customer experience should be a positive one. They should be able to shop securely, place orders, schedule appointments, or perform any other function that doesn’t require an in-store presence. A more useful site will add convenience for your customers, and that can make the difference in promoting a higher satisfaction level.


Take a Chance on New Tech

Technology can impact the customer experience in a few different ways. Better communication between your employees can help your team solve customer issues faster, and that will lead to more satisfied customers. You can invest in a new Discover D722U headset for each workstation to promote better communication. You can also make it easier for online customers to find the information they need by installing an AI chat bot on your website. Augmented reality (AR) technology can make it easier for customers to envision themselves using your products. Maintain an open mind about using new tech innovations to enhance how your business serves its customers.


Keep it Personal

You will also be able to enhance the customer experience by personalizing each customer’s interaction with your business. While this might sound like a great deal of extra work, using technology can help you simplify this process. Use data analytics to identify your target demographic groups. You can also use data to determine what specific customers need from your business. This helps you offer suggestions based on a customer’s past purchases. Websites can also be programmed to adapt to each user’s preferences. Even recognizing a site visitor’s location can help you adapt to meet their needs as they use your website. More than 80% of consumers look for personalized service, so making these changes can have a significant and positive impact on your business.


Ask for Feedback and Use It

Look for opportunities to ask for feedback from your customers. You can add a pop-up survey to the order page on your website. Ask for email addresses from customers who make purchases at your brick-and-mortar store. Once the transaction is complete, you can automatically send a survey to your customers’ email accounts. Once you start getting feedback from your customers, be sure to read through their comments. This will help you identify pain points for your customers, and you may find recommendations for solving those problems in the feedback. When you implement the changes requested in the feedback, your customers will notice. That will help you grow a more positive brand image.



As you try to improve the customer experience, don’t be afraid to experiment. Consumers will forgive your brand for making mistakes when you try something new. As long as you’re willing to admit to your mistakes, you won’t lose customers over a new idea. You’ll be far more likely to lose customers due to an unwillingness to change and adapt to the needs of consumers.

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