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Finding Inspiration For Your Own Geek Housing Community

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a community surrounded by fellow tech and gaming lovers, then you certainly aren’t alone. Across the US, like-minded individuals are seeking to hone their passion, improve their skills, and create lucrative teams that can take their gaming abilities to the next level. Below are just two new communities that may inspire you to turn fantasy into reality. One is built to further tech achievement and the other aims to be the ultimate gamers’ paradise!


The Lair in San Francisco

The Lair is a community ensconced in a seven-bedroom mansion in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood. It comprises tech specialists, startup founders, and software engineers, all of which seek to live more collaboratively and share their respective visions and ideas. Unlike hippy communes in the 1960s and 1970s, these tenants very much have their eyes set on entrepreneurial and tech goals. Their focus is investment and the shared economy, rather than peace, love, and understanding—though all these values are evidently required to live in such close contact!


Different Modalities to Choose From

The Lair is just one of many communities popping up in California and other US states. Some communities are located in single homes, while others are in apartments and in homes owned by a member of a Homeowners Assocation. HOAs essentially have rules and regulations to be followed, covering subjects like landscaping, pet regulations, and noise restrictions. If you do opt for this mode of living, simply ask for the HOA regulations and make sure that all dwellers comply with them.


Opera GX Village: A Fantastical Life for Gamers

Opera GX Village is a new project aimed at offering professional gamers the residential community experience. Located in Andorra, it is currently being built as a gated community that will offer gamers everything they need to achieve record scores—including high-speed Internet access, top-grade setups in every room, 24/7 amenities, and incredibly low taxes. Andorra is the country boasts the lowest value-added tax in Europe (VAT)— a mere 4.5%. As such, it is currently the official residence of a number of Spanish gamers, including aLexBY11, Willyrex, Vegetta, The Grefg, Lolito and Staxx.


Fascinating Features

LED lighting and in-room food delivery are just two of many more services that can make life easy so that you can achieve top earnings in your favorite game. By living at Opera GX Village, you can look forward to making deeper connections with other gamers via in-person spaces where you can compare strategies and tactics. You can also develop your leadership skills and learn to work together as part of a team via collaborative gameplay.

Geeks may spend numerous hours on their computers, but they definitely value social interaction and forming part of a community. Two new initiatives are showing how younger generations are valuing close connections with others. The Lair and Opera GX are vastly different in focus, yet identical in the way they value teamwork and collaboration.

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