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These 6 iOS Games Will Make Your Commute To Work Exciting

Do you know the best iOS games? Whether you have recently bought an iPhone or have always been an iOS loyalist, you are bound to look for the best games at some point. Games installed on your device will keep you entertained for hours. It will keep boredom at bay and help you enjoy your own company instead of craving to go out. So, let’s take a look.


Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is one of the most popular iOS games you can install on your device. However, it isn’t a cheap mobile imitation but a full-fledged Diablo game. The game is rammed with a wide range of microtransactions, and you can spend hours on this game.

The game is about the battle between ancient evils, and it is an online multiplayer action RPG game that you cannot get enough of. The game is ideal for your commute to work, and you won’t get bored for even a second. Although, you might need a minute to pull yourself out of the game and get ready to start work!



Bingo is an ancient game that has been around for centuries. However, the game has recently gained more momentum after being reimagined for online platforms. The online version of Bingo is as interesting as the physical game played in the Bingo halls and church events. The game’s rules remain the same, but it is much more convenient because you can play the game on your iOS devices. So, you can quickly play and finish a match anywhere and anytime.

You can play Bingo game online while traveling to work. The sessions come with a daub timer, and you must daub the numbers on your virtual ticket as soon as possible. If you can daub them instantly, you will get bonus points. Furthermore, there are multiplayer tournaments where you can participate and win cash prizes and rewards. So, quickly brush up on your Bingo skills and download the app. Then, you can compete with real-life online players and have a great time beating them.


Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is another classic game that has been reimagined for online gamers. The game can be downloaded and installed on your iOS devices. You can play it anywhere with a few taps. The game’s rules are the same, and you must arrange the cards descendingly. You can choose the difficulty level of the game according to your convenience. The one-suit Spider Solitaire is played with a single color and suit. Most people prefer playing this variant when playing time-based matches or partaking in tournaments.

But if you want more challenges, you can play the two-suit Spider Solitaire or even the three-suit Solitaire.

The game is highly addictive, and it can engage your attention for a few hours as you try to beat random online opponents or beat your high score.


Barbarian Merge

Barbarian Merge is a game where demons and angels wage eternal war. The titular barbarian needs to explore the Sanctuary so that he can find a way to stop the demons from coming to the mortal realm.

The game is a relatively straightforward RPG game and puts an exciting twist on the genre where inventory management is concerned. Players don’t need to chuck away old axes, swords, and helmets. Instead, you can merge several copies to create powerful versions. The game offers a fun twist to a loot-centered game, removing all the tiresome chores that most games demand players to complete.


Forge of Empires

If you enjoy an excellent city-building game, you cannot miss Forge of Empires. The game has a bit of a strategy you need to remember. You cannot build cities randomly, but you must plan before executing your moves. The game is free to play, and you need to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. You might start in the distant past and then progress into the future. The game is played for the long haul.

When the game starts, you will find yourself in the middle of the wilderness. Then, you have to start by building a basic settlement, and different types of buildings will start developing. You have to generate resources to create different buildings and build a civilization. You also have to concentrate your efforts on conducting research.

You have to build buildings, cultivate lands, and wage wars in the game.


Sunrise Village

Do you enjoy a good farming sim? If you do, Sunrise Village is the game to play, and this game will pluck you out of your hectic regular life. It will make you feel alive as you commute to work and get ready to start your day. You will be put in the titular village and start your life of simple farming.

You can plant crops, harvest fruits and vegetables or even send orders. It would be best if you found different ways to expand your farm and grow more vegetables or fruits. The game is quite therapeutic, and if you enjoy simple farming games, this game is perfect for you. The game will help to make you feel de-stressed. If that appeals to you, you need to install the game immediately.


The Bottom Line

These six iOS games are pretty popular with gamers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can install these games to make your commute to work tolerable and fun.

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