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Do you or someone that you know work at a job in which they are sitting more than 7 hours a day? The odds are that you do. Have you ever heard of the saying “Sitting is the new smoking?” The odds are that you do. Sitting for long periods of time is linked to lower back pain, poor circulation, and even shortened life expectancy. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound fun. With many of us now working from home a lot has changed. We are no longer walking around the office, taking a stroll at lunch with your favorite co-worker, or even simply leaving the house. The steps that we are missing out on are far more important than many of us realized. Now more than ever, we are dealing with the negative mental and physical impacts from a sedentary lifestyle (back pain, weight gain, chronic illness etc).

WALK-i-TASK is a height adjustable desk attachment for your home treadmill. Ergonomically designed to allow you to complete tasks that you would ordinarily do while seated…while on the move. What makes WALK-i-TASK different from any other desk on the market? It adjusts to fit most brands and models of treadmills and is height adjustable to ensure users of different heights are comfortable and not hunching over. Height adjustability is a must in order to eliminate neck and back strain.

Many WALK-i-TASK customers work from home and love that they are no longer sacrificing their health for their career. Did you know that you can burn up to 250% more calories while walking vs seated? The steps you can achieve while answering emails, writing a proposal, or video conferencing can be life changing.

Are you or someone that you know looking to add more steps into your daily routine? Visit to learn more. If you are hesitant about the concept of walking while working you can take advantage of their 21-day trial to make sure you love it. WALK-i-TASK offers FREE SHIPPING and no assembly is required to set up your desk. Have any questions? Connect with their excellent customer service team through their Live Chat on the website, or email at [email protected].  Take the first steps in transforming your sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle today. Use code “WALK35” for $35 OFF your purchase.

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