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Essential Accessories To Carry With You On Your Electric Bike

Nothing is worse than being on the road, minding your business, when something suddenly goes wrong with your e-bike. In these cases, being on time for a meeting or ball game depends on what you have available to fix the problem. These essential accessories to carry with you on your electric bike could come in very handy.

Essential Accessories To Carry With You on Your Electric Bike


First Aid Kit

Riding a bike always comes with certain risks, and the best way to prepare for those is to carry a small first aid kit. You may not need it often, but it’s always best to have one just in case. Consider what might be most useful in your kit—such as bandages, gauze, and tweezers—and put it all together.


Bike Bag

Bike bags hang on the back of your e-bike from either side, providing extra storage space for items such as your first aid kit and water bottles. These bags are lightweight, resistant, and convenient.


Spare Batteries

The battery on your bike could die at any moment if you forgot to charge it or if you’ve been riding for a long time. Carrying spare e-bike batteries is like carrying a bottle of water when you’re working out and need to recharge.


Bike Repair Kit

When you’re riding your electric bike, one of the essential accessories to carry is a bike repair kit. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it can perfectly fit inside your bike bag; some of the essential tools are:

  • A tire lever
  • Spare chain links
  • Tire patches
  • Chain lube
  • A wrench
  • A multipurpose tool


Additional Lights

Riding at night isn’t usually recommended due to the lack of visibility. But if you must ride after dark, adding extra lights to your bike will make you visible wherever you go. Some lights take energy from the e-bike’s central power system and could drain the battery more quickly; consider this when you’re planning to ride at night and make sure you have enough charge.

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