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Disability Awesome: I’m A College Student With A Disability. Stop Treating Me Like A Child. | Op-Docs

Welcome to the Disability Awesome segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Disability Awesome will feature a person or persons with mental and / or physical disabilities who are doing awesome and great things! As editor / publisher Nathan Young has an disability (Autism), we here at Geek Alabama love it when others when disabilities do great things!

Samuel Habib, 21, wants to date, leave home, go away to college. But for Samuel and millions of other young adults with disabilities, the path beyond public school and into adulthood is difficult to navigate. Samuel lives with a rare neurodevelopmental disorder caused by a mutation in a gene known as GNAO1. He drives a 350-pound wheelchair, uses a communication device, and can have a seizure at any moment.

In “My Disability Roadmap,” co-directed by Samuel and his father Dan Habib, he seeks out guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists. He wants to learn how they built full adult lives as a road map for himself and others. “No one tells you how to be an adult, let alone an adult with a disability,” he says. “But there are badass people with disabilities who figured it out. Maybe they could be my mentors.”

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