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The Evening Post: Ugly Sonic Returns In Chip N’ Dale’s New Movie

Sonic The Hedgehog’s original movie design, Ugly Sonic, appears in the brand new Chip N’ Dale reboot movie, CHIP N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS. Ugly Sonic has a new personality, and he’s a completely separate character from the main Sonic we know. It’s absolutely incredible.

When Sonic The Hedgehog was coming to theaters in 2019, fans weren’t happy with Paramount’s design for the character. It felt off, and wasn’t like the Sonic games at all. While The Sonic Movies ended up doing really well in the box office after being fixed, fans still have a soft spot for the character’s original design. Now, for the first time ever, Ugly Sonic makes his true movie debut, playing a bigger role than you’d expect. He makes several appearances throughout Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, ultimately proving himself as the best cameo. All the Ugly Sonic scenes made this movie so much better!

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