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Foodie Saturdays: What It Takes To Feed The UT Football Team At The $7.5M TANC Facility

Welcome to the Foodie Saturdays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Foodie Saturdays will feature food related content. We here at Geek Alabama will make foodies out there very happy when we feature a video or post all about food, eating food, or making food.

Today Sports Dissected is welcomed to Austin, Texas by Assistant AD of Sports Dietitian & Clinical Wellness, Amy Culp, for a tour of the TANC (Texas Athletic Nutrition Center). UT renovated the TANC in 2015 during a time of significant change in the NCAA feeding guidelines that allowed schools to provide unlimited snacks as well as meals incidental to a student-athlete’s participation in athletics. “Every athlete – no matter the sport – gets the same level of care here at the TANC,” Culp says.

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