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Effective Ways To Relax Naturally When You’re Feeling Stressed

Many people in the US, especially adults, deal with stress and anxiety every day. Research by PubMed Central reveals that certain groups of people, such as parents, have higher stress levels. Plus, different aspects of life such as work, family life, finances, and health contribute to stress. Here are some safe, natural remedies and conventional medical therapies to relieve stress:


If you’re stressed, engaging your body in physical exercises may help. Research has revealed that exercises are effective in reducing anxious energy. For instance, exercises proved to treat anxiety in research where anxious adults participated in randomized controlled trials. According to Forbes, you risk having more stress, poor mood, and lack of sleep if you fail to exercise.

Besides relieving stress, exercises improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can kick off your exercise journey with light activities such as walking.



Meditation gives you a level head, thus helping you manage anxiety and stress. Yoga helps you meditate and has different styles that relieve stress regardless of age. You can use mindfulness-based meditation when doing yoga to manage stress. More people have resulted to mindfulness-based meditation as therapy.

Most importantly, yoga is extremely helpful to people with mood swings and anxiety disorders. It also improves your psychological health and lowers your blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Yoga positively impacts the nervous system and the stress response, thus allowing these benefits.


Spend Less Time On Screens

Smart gadgets such as smartphones have become an integral part of most people’s lives. Nevertheless, taking much time on these devices spikes stress levels. You are likely to have low psychological health and high-stress levels if you use your smartphone for elongated periods.

In addition, prolonged screen time affects your sleeping pattern and sleeping hours, increasing stress. Minimize the period you take on screens to manage stress and boost sleep.


Dedicate Time for Your Pet

Pet owners can reduce their stress and lighten their moods by playing with their pets. As you cuddle your pet, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which improves your mood. Furthermore, pet owners tend to be pleased in life, have higher self-esteem, and are less lonely and anxious than other people.

Most people prefer furry pets such as cats and dogs. However, not all pets need fur, and if you have fur allergies opt for animals without fur. Spend more time with your pet to relax and reduce stress.


CBD/ Cannabis

Cannabis or hemp is often used to help people relax their minds and body. It is also used to improve sleep for many users. After a peaceful sleep, you wake up oozing with energy and feel like a new person. People who suffer from anxiety have also seen significant improvements from using cannabis. Even have seen their concentration and cognitive skills considerably improve. If you prefer using a vape consider using some such as the Delta 8 vapes. If smoking or vaping is not for you there are always edibles like candy and baked goods.


Take Deep Breathes

Mental stress triggers your nervous system causing your body to go into flight mode. As a result, your heartbeat increases, blood vessels narrow, and breathing frequency increases. You can counter faster heartbeat and vasoconstriction by taking several deep breaths.

Deep breathing exercises include belly breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, paced respiration, and abdominal breathing. During deep breathing, your lungs enlarge, and your belly rises, slowing your heart rate and relieving you of stress. If you feel stressed, take in deep breaths to counter symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

You increase your stress levels when you overburden yourself and neglect self-care. By prioritizing your personal life, you can manage your stress levels and improve your mental health. Put your welfare first and refrain from doing demanding tasks to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Your stress levels will be considerably reduced when you say no to extra tasks.

Also, you can build boundaries with people who bring negativity or contribute to your stress levels. Notify such people to avoid random visits to your home and keep away from them.



Chronic stress affects both physical and psychological health. Most stressors are unavoidable, but fortunately, several proven ways help counter these stressors. Follow the tried and tested methods above that guarantee lower stress levels and better psychological health.

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