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Explore 7 Ways To Prepare And Cope With Pet Loss

Whether you are a cat or dog person, losing a pet can be devastating. These faithful companions give love and care without asking any questions. Your pet keeps you company when you are lonely and do funny things that lift your spirits. So, when the time comes to say goodbye it is usually not easy. Coping with the death of your beloved pet can be hard. Here are some useful tips to get you through it.

Look Out for Signs

It is unlikely that the death of your pet will come as a surprise. Whether it is due to natural causes or illness, there will be telltale signs that their death is near. While the signs will differ from one animal to the other, they include:

  • Prolonged illness without improvement
  • Extreme pain and discomfort
  • Reduced grooming activities
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulties in breathing

If you see any signs that cause you to worry, speak to your veterinarian and have them have a look at the animal. They will help you assess the situation and determine what the right cause of action is. It may be to treat the illness (if any) or let the pet face its last days. Euthanasia is a common option for pet owners. This is an option that allows the owner to ease the pet’s pain through induced death. Talk to a veterinarian who can perform the procedure in the most comfortable setting. If you are in the area, opt for at home euthanasia in Philadelphia, a service that euthanizes pets at the owner’s home where the pet is most comfortable.


Spend the Last Day with Your Pet

When family and friends die, most people wish they had the time to say goodbye. With your pet, you have this time especially if the mode of death is planned euthanasia. Spend the last moments of your pet’s life with them. Do activities they enjoy and offer them the treats they like. However, do not force your pet to do things they are unable to or do not want to. Make it a memorable day and take pictures to keep as memoirs. As you do all this, avoid being selfish. Let the pet spend time with other family members as well. If they have an animal they usually spend time with, allow them to spend this last day together.


You May be Present or Not

When the time comes to end the life of your pet, you may choose to be present or not. This is totally up to you and no one should judge you. How do you make that choice? Choose whatever feels the most comfortable to you.


Allow Feelings to Flow

Grief feelings differ from one person to the other but they should be embraced. Whether you feel anger, sadness, guilt, or some other feeling, you should embrace it. These are normal feelings that should not be suppressed. Suppressing them will only make the pain linger for longer. If you become teary-eyed, allow the tears to flow without restrictions. Letting the feeling of grief take over means that you are accepting death and you are ready to move on.


Plan a Send-off

Planning a send-off gives the bereaved time to process the loss and accept it. You could opt for burial if you have a lot where to do it and it is your send-off of choice. Alternatively, cremation may be done. This is a viable choice for people living in rented property. No matter what kind of pet send-off ceremony you opt for, ensure that the event is all about celebrating the life of the pet and commemorating them. Invite close relatives and friends while keeping the gathering small and cozy.


Take Care of Yourself

Losing a pet is no excuse to forget yourself. Remember to groom yourself as appropriate, eat enough and get enough sleep. You should also take care of your emotional well-being. Spend time with people who care about you. If you need more emotional support, talk to a therapist or join a group of people who have recently lost their pets. This way you will get the professional help that will guide you through the grieving process.


Help Your Children and Other Pets Get Over the Loss

You are not the only one suffering. The whole family is also suffering and they need your help with accepting the loss. Explain to the children what the death of a pet means and help them get over the emotions they express. If you have other pets, maintain their usual routine and shower them with extra love. They are also feeling the loss and will need help returning to their normal selves over time.


To Sum Up

Preparing and coping with pet loss will be easy with the above tips. You will be able to plan for, go through, and finish the grieving process successfully. Remember that your physical and emotional health is of paramount importance at all times.

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