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Tips For A Hardware Refresh For Your Data Center

Data centers need top-of-the-line equipment and efficiency if they’re to perform their jobs. That’s why hardware refreshes are necessary for any data center, and you should take them seriously, as centers can’t fall behind the technological curve. As such, you can use these tips for a hardware refresh for your data center.

Tips for a Hardware Refresh for Your Data Center

Target Your Storage

One of the first things a hardware reset should target is storage, as this space is the most important for future growth and data processing. When you upgrade your hardware, look for ways you can improve your storage capabilities for both current predictions and possible future growth so you can stay ahead of the curve.


Rethink Redundancies

Many data centers use redundancies as protection for their data. Even small problems in a data center can cause massive issues, so redundancies are important. A hardware refresh should look for better redundancies and improve upon the current systems. This can help eliminate quite a few risks every time you do it.


Cable Planning

One of the important tips for a hardware refresh for your data center that many people forget is fixing your cables. New technologies and techniques come out every year, saving physical space and raising the efficiency of cables and power. You can also look for power upgrades for your system. One way to do this is by deciding whether three-phase power is right for you.


Security Updates

You can’t keep using old security measures for the protection of your centers. You only open yourself up to hackers and newer methods of attack if you ignore security updates. Look for new protections and update weaknesses in your systems for the best results after your hardware refresh.


Crunch the Numbers

When performing a hardware refresh, you should focus on the numbers, just like with all decisions an organization can make. Updating your equipment frequently isn’t always the right call, and you should only update when you would save money because of it.

Following these tips for a hardware refresh can make your data center a lot safer and more efficient in the long run. Although it can cost you some money initially, you’ll likely save more money over the course of time with this new hardware.

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