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Doing A Digital Detox Without Leaving Your Home

Digital detoxing is not a new idea, but it has become increasingly important. Digital detox refers to when electronic devices connected to the Internet, such as smartphones and computers, are not used. Digital detoxing is a great opportunity to reduce stress and focus more on interacting with others. 


These days, for longer than ever, we have been connected to more electronic devices than ever before, and technology has occupied our days. Experts say that a digital detox should be a priority for all of us to maintain a state of mental and physical well-being. 

Here are some ideas on how to detoxify without even leaving your home: 


1: Choose physical over digital 

The best way to minimize the time you spend in front of a screen is to look for ways that you can take a lower-tech route. If you’re brainstorming ideas for an article, write out your thoughts on paper instead. Are you creating a road map for a big project? Try sketching the first draft on a whiteboard. Want to read a book? Pick up a printed copy. The times you can reasonably choose a physical alternative over a digital one, take it.


2: Clear out your wardrobe

Use your newly found time and attention to sort your clothes, clean up your home, eliminate any items you haven’t worn for at least 12 months or more, and adjust your clothes to sections to facilitate your morning search. This is an excellent opportunity to get inspiration from new outfits and rediscover old favorites. This may only take a day or two, but you can use this principle in multiple areas of your life. Now and then, it’s time to throw out the old. 


3: Tackle an art project

Whatever you may think, you don’t have to be remarkably talented to make art your hobby. It only needs to be fun. Buy a canvas at your local art shop and start painting. If you aren’t sure what to paint, print a photo from the web (and hide your laptop in the back corner of your closet to resist temptation). If you still find it too hard, order a paint-by-numbers set! There are some detailed pieces out there. They are no longer just for children. If you’re not up for painting, try creating a flower arrangement, making candles, or trying something like sewing. 


4: Create a cozy outdoors area

You don’t have to stay inside your house; go out into your backyard. As an extension of our homes, outdoor spaces are also ‘rooms,’ so we need to bring that cozy feeling into the garden. An effortless way to do this is to invest in outdoor sectionals. Inject some personality into your space with a pop of color or bold pattern with a cute rug. It will help to zone your space, too. You can add some garden gnomes to accessorize.


5: Add some spice to one of your rooms

You can always spend some time renovating a room. Wallpaper isn’t hard to tackle anymore, making it an excellent project for home revamping on a budget. Wallpaper can add color and patterns. You can even limit yourself to one stand-out wall. But if you’re not quite ready to try proper wallpapering yet, try the temporary, peel-and-stick kind. You can effortlessly take it off if you want to change your decor style. 


6: Sharpen up your cooking skills

Don’t choose something boring, like mac and cheese; go all out! You can incorporate recipes from different cultures into your diet. It is an opportunity for you to try new and various ingredients that continue to get easier each time you buy them. Knowing some easy exotic meals will open you up to adventure and test your palate. You might even find yourself searching for more complicated recipes in the future. This also means that you always have something interesting to serve at a dinner party. 


There You Have It!

Doing a digital detox is about what you give your attention to and taking charge of how you spend your time and energy. It enables you to break unhelpful habits and create new, more meaningful ones. And at the same time, you may just discover a new favorite hobby of yours. 

Overall, there are some downsides to our dependencies on electronics, but being aware is the first step to changing for the better. There are many digital detox benefits, and incorporating them into your days, no matter how small, will help you better keep the balance between your real and digital worlds. 

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