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How To Diagnose Simple Home Maintenance Problems

Taking care of a home can be difficult on top of your regular responsibilities. From the electrical wiring to the drains, many small issues can arise over the course of just a few months. When tackling home maintenance, consider these simple tips for easy diagnosis and fixes.

Complete Routine Home Checks

The best way to identify issues in your home is to know how it usually functions. Be thorough in checking each room for drafts, signs of animals, or water damage. Feel around outlets for heat and see how many extension cords or adapters are in use. The longer you and your family live in the home, the easier it will be to know what’s normal and when something has gone wrong.

If the lights start flicking or the drains become clogged, you’ll be able to pinpoint and address the issue. Regular professional maintenance of the water and electricity in the home is a must for keeping your life running smoothly.


Be Aware of Normal Water Pressure and Gas Levels

A constant and clean water supply is one of the most important features of a home. Decreasing water pressure could be a sign of buildup, cracked pipes, or even an issue with your water valve shutoff or pressure regulator. Your gas supply is also important as it could be linked to your water heater and your furnace.

Don’t risk going without water or heat for the winter. A hydrostatic test pump can help you determine if there are leaks in your gas and water lines. With regular check-ups, you’ll be able to spot issues before they negatively affect your whole household.


Clean Appliances Thoroughly

The appliances in your home enable you to wash and dry clothes, keep groceries cool and cook delicious meals during the week. Every appliance requires regular cleanings and check-ups to ensure the parts are still working as intended and no clogs are halting function. For example, you should be cleaning your refrigerator’s coils at least every six months and regularly emptying the dryer vent.

By maintaining your appliances, you can cut down on utility bills, prolong the life of expensive machines in the home and minimize the chances of a home fire. Your appliances may worsen over time or stop working altogether without proper maintenance and care.


Inspect HVAC System Regularly

Your ventilation, heating and cooling system are essential to the air quality and temperature of your home. Many issues with the furnace and air conditioner can arise from clogged filters, broken parts, or leaking ductwork. You should be regularly checking your HVAC when you switch filters every couple of months and when a new season begins.

Watch out for developing rust, metal corrosion, standing water, and a yellow or strangely colored furnace fire. You may begin to notice increased utility bills or cold air being blown out of the vent during the winter. By keeping an eye on your HVAC system year-round, you can monitor developing issues and minimize potential replacement costs in the future. Professional maintenance and repair are essential to prolonging the life of your HVAC and catching potentially dangerous gas leaks and damages.


Walk the Property

The outside of your home also needs to be checked and prepared for the seasons. Regularly cleaning the gutters, checking for animal nests, cutting back tree branches, and winterizing the yard when necessary can prevent issues in the future. The colder it becomes, the more likely animals will try to sneak into the home, causing a host of problems from lowered air quality to torn wiring.

Cleaning the gutters and checking that they are securely attached to the home can help to prevent flooding and potential damage to the foundation during the winter and spring. Many common home issues can be traced back to improper home maintenance and repair.



Home maintenance may seem like a complicated routine to fit into your regular busy schedule. However, the many benefits of frequent and regular home check-ups and repairs can’t be denied. By better understanding your home, its utilities, and its appliances, you can more easily identify issues and address them before they worsen. Your household will be much safer and happier with regular home maintenance.

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