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Explore Accessories Every Bridesmaid Should Have

Your bridal accessories will add an extra-special look to your dress. There are quite some accessories you need to investigate to determine which best suits your bridesmaids.

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1. Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are among the essential accessories for your bridesmaids. You may choose between sky-high heels and comfy flats that give a perfect match to your dress. There are a variety of ways to beautify a look with just any type of footwear. It will help if you consider some factors such as comfort, venue, and style when selecting your wedding shoes. For instance, wedges, sandals, and flats are appropriate if you spend the most time on grass or in the sand.

Your wedding shoes may also present an opportunity to add a pop of color to your wedding day. Your bridesmaids should opt for a nude shade to ensure that their hues are all the same. You can also ensure uniformity of the shoe’s look by choosing a particular heel height. The shoes you select can create a truly unique look for your bridesmaids, thereby requiring creativity in your shoe selection.


2. Hair Accessories

There are different options for how you should wear your hair, either up or down. You may use various hair accessories to style your hair. Your bridesmaid’s hair should complement your look. Flowers make a natural hair accessory, whether fresh or fake flowers. Other hair accessories include crystal headbands, combs, barrettes, hairpins, clips, and bun wraps.

The type of hair accessory you chose needs to match the gown you are wearing. For instance, a classic long veil matches with a lively feather bridal accessory. A more minimalist dress requires you to wear accessories that add some glam, like a crystal headband. It would be best to choose something with similar materials and is simple looking and smaller in size.


3. Jewelry

The type of jewelry that you choose needs to match the versatile bridesmaid dresses each person will be wearing. More straightforward dress options allow for jewelry additions which makes your entire outfit stand out more. The necklace looks great with a strapless neckline but not with a detailed illusion neckline. Modern cluster earrings give a glamorous look, and you can wear them after your big day.

You can adorn your wrist with different bracelets that will give a complete match with your bridal dress. There are some tips you need to remember when picking your bridesmaid’s jewelry. Such includes choosing metals that match your selected dress, reflecting the dress neckline before choosing a necklace or earring. Also, it would be best if you saw the pairing together before purchasing any of the accessories. It would help if you embrace the inner you and have fun picking the perfect jewelry for your bridesmaids.


4. Bridesmaids Bags

You can use clutches as accessories during weddings. It would be best if you look at the newest shapes of small purses and handbags. There should be color coordinates of the bags as it is essential to compliment the entire look. The type of dress should match the purse or clutch chosen. For instance, an elaborate dress needs you to keep the bag neutral and straightforward affair.

You may use purses or instead clutches to certainly put some items that you would like with you during the reception. Such items include tissue, makeup, and breath mints. A modern clutch with a crystal-adorned class is just perfect for holding bridesmaid essentials. Also, purses are cute to carry while making grand entries.


5. Flower Bouquets

Bridesmaids may wear flowers as accessories which gives a great appearance. Natural flowers also look great around the wrist. There are tiny bouquets that resemble jewelry that bridesmaids can wear as bracelets and are kept together by a silk ribbon. You may use flowers to spruce up your bridesmaid dresses which make them perfect for the wedding event.

Flowers that complement the bridesmaid dress are the best to choose. Depending on your wedding theme, you may have matching flower crowns which adds more to a natural look.



After choosing the dresses your bridesmaids will wear, the next thing is to decide on their accessories. A small accessory shopping list will help you to ensure they match. It would be best to consider your bridesmaid’s budget by keeping the addition at minimum prices

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