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Living Room Decor Tips And Tricks That Will Surprise Everyone

Decorating a big space as equal to your living room’s size isn’t a piece of cake. You have to put a lot of thought into it besides time and talent. Where would the seating arrangement look beautiful, what lights will go with the interior, and thousand other questions come up when you think of your living room decor in reality.

When it comes to the living room, taking care of only its looks isn’t important. You have to also design it in a way that you can put your guard down, relax when you want, and spend memorable time with your dearest people. Although it may sound daunting at the start, with little tricks, you can win your living room decor game.

Here are some living room decor tips and tricks that will be a huge hit with your guests. Read on for more details.


1: Don’t Just Imagine, Plan

Before we delve into the details, let’s reveal the fundamentals. Often, when planning your living room, you have a thousand things on your mind. The key to designing an excellent living space is to put everything on paper and look for its practical implementation. Moreover, if you get stuck midway, you can always hire a professional interior designer to help you decorate your living room and other parts of your house. A professional designer can make things easy for you. Right from guiding the best place to arrange your 2 seater sofas to help you pick perfect floor rugs, a professional interior designer will make living room decor tasks interesting for you, too.

2: Identify Your Intentions

Defining the way you want to live perhaps will help in shaping the living room decor process. Of course, it is difficult to determine how you want to use your living room space before actually designing it. And certainly, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept applicable here. Therefore, you have to identify your intentions to create your desired living room. Do you want a loud & bold living room or a subdued space? Where do you want your fireplace? Do you want to build a bookshelf in your living room or not? Answering these questions and a few others might help you identify your intentions.


3: Decide Lightings Skillfully

No doubt, there’s enough natural light in your living room. However, while designing the decor, you have to think of lighting arrangements very skillfully. The living room lightings can do both:

  • Spruce it up, if placed thoughtfully
  • Make it gloomy, if placed randomly

Deciding the light involves everything from choosing out of wall sconces, hanging lamps, or floodlights to finding the perfect spot for each light to fix in the living room.

4: Work on The Stunning Walls

Never keep your living room walls blank, unfinished, and decor-free. If done well, the wall can add a character to the overall living room appearance. If you do as little as apply a chic wallpaper, your living room gets elevated. Furthermore, you can create DIY hangings or dreamcatchers and decorate the wall. Another brilliant idea is to create a ‘wall of fame’ in your living room. Those who don’t want to go through much hassle prefer decorating living room walls with minimalistic frames or paintings.


5: Contrast Your Upholstery

You may find the perfect choice of ready living room furniture set online or in nearby stores. But an artist like you won’t go for it. To make your living room alive and advanced, you should mix and match your upholstery. Add furniture pieces that are offbeat and possess a different personality. Such creative pieces catch the eyes of onlookers immediately from anywhere. Not only does mishmash upholstery add a vibe to your living room, but it also makes it warmer & more welcoming.

6: Create Superb Aesthetics

How do you want to feel in your living room – vintage farmhouse type or more romanticizing? Going through multiple decor styles can swoon you away. Hence, you need to give direction to your decor style. Of course, you can blend multiple styles but establishing a central theme is a must. While defining your living room aesthetics, you can always fetch inspiration from magazines, blogs, and Pinterest. Bonus tip – to create superb aesthetics, always believe your instincts.


7: Don’t Forget to Add Live Elements

As the name suggests, your ‘living room’ should be the liveliest place in your entire house. Thus, you have to enhance the look of your living area by adding live elements. For starters, houseplants. Shop for cute little succulents, faux plants, and veil plants to add to your decor. If you aren’t sure about anything at the time of designing, create a room board. Place the pictures of different things together and see the chemistry between them. You can also add live wall frames, water fountains, and show pieces in your living room to add a drama.



Trying to be always perfect won’t work when it comes to living room decor. You have to be low-key and put less pressure on yourself. If you take things too seriously, there are mightier chances of not getting the desired outcome look-wise. Explore as many options as you can, seek expert opinion, look for designs online, and then decide what you like.

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