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Breakthrough Tech Ideas That Have Come About In 2021 So Far

With every passing year, more and more technologies seem to be making huge changes to our daily lives. While we’re totally okay with that, it can be challenging to keep up with all of them. That’s why we’ve curated this list of some of the top breakthrough tech ideas that have come about in 2021 so far. The year isn’t over yet, though, so we hope that there still might be a few more surprises in store for us.

Breakthrough Tech Ideas That Have Come About in 2021 So Far

TikTok’s Algorithm for Recommendations

Even though it’s been out since 2016, it’s only been more recently that TikTok has been taking the online world by storm. This is in large part due to its recommendation system. Most other social platforms only show you what’s most popular based on other things you like. TikTok’s algorithm differs in the sense that it focuses way more on what you do and don’t like, rather than on what’s popular. This has helped many people on the platform become internet-famous overnight.

This overwhelming success hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Many other content generation sites are trying to find their own ways to implement their algorithm. In the next year or two, we might see even more people finding online success with the content they create on other sites.


Hyper-Accurate GPS

We’ve never heard anyone complain that GPS isn’t accurate enough for them, but apparently, a new system has been released that offers hyper-accurate global positioning. Instead of being within ten meters of accuracy, it’s going to be as small as a couple of centimeters—maybe even millimeters.

As crazy as this sounds, it might not seem practical to the everyday user. For companies that utilize GPS for their systems, though, this is a game-changer. It could enhance programs such as parking guidance systems, which have already made the tedious task of finding a parking spot much easier, or even make driverless vehicles way more effective than they already are. The possibilities here are endless.


Messenger RNA Vaccines

This is probably one of the most significant breakthrough tech ideas that have come about in 2021 so far, and it’s been 20 or so years in the making. We don’t want to get too political on this one, but we can’t overlook the potential of this scientific discovery.

With the ability to use mRNA to build more effective defenses against diseases on a much smaller time scale, we could be looking at the end of most illnesses as we know it. Granted, this will take more time to refine and a ton of money, but the possibility is now there in a way it never was before.


Green Hydrogen

In the never-ending search to find a reliable source of clean energy, nothing has really taken hold yet. However, there might be a chance with utilizing hydrogen. It burns cleanly and is quite dense for easy storage. The big problem with it in the past was the fact that we could only get it from natural gas.

Recently, though, a new way to obtain it has been discovered. There is a way to zap water with electricity to separate the hydrogen molecules. If this can get done effectively at scale, we might have the answer for our current energy crisis.

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