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Explore What Moms Want In A Swimwear

Hear ye! Hear ye! Must the Lord tell you what new mums require of swimwear you can live in? Or will you hear how we’ve cracked this code with the collection of Momma Loves You momma swimwear, now available on our website? 


The Confidence To Rock That Mom Body

Believe us; we understand how self-conscious it is to be a mother. We witness young twenty-somethings at the beach who appear to have stepped out of a photoshoot, as opposed to everyday mum’s day at the beach, which includes a million “things to do,” – namely a kid who throws tantrums, and no time to enjoy the drink because we’re not only a mom but also a lifeguard. 

Not only as mothers but also as women, our bodies are incredibly incredible in what they can accomplish.

So, being able to feel like a superhero after doing a deed as huge as making life and birthing it – is not just a need but must be our sole prerogative when we head to the beach. We need to feel as though we should be allowed and embraced for the miracle our bodies went through. 

The Best Way to Get Back that Confidence is to look for swimwear you can live in that contains features best suited to momma swimwear and momma bodies. 


Here are the features that you must look out for:


Cushy & Nurse-Friendly Swimsuits

With a new baby in tow, most mothers don’t demand a complicated laced-up or a cutout style of swimwear you can live in at the beach or the pool. In fact, what they require primarily is the ability to feed their baby when needed. Any complicated momma swimwear wouldn’t allow that. It’s extremely important the momma swimwear you choose has easy access to cushy yet nourishment, providing breasts to be nursing friendly. Make it easy to do. 


Gives Ample of Support

The postpartum body could be depressing to a new mother, especially considering how tight they once used to be. Seeing sleek-looking ladies roaming about the beach can be a downer. In such a case, one requires more than anything to feel an ample amount of support to the back, the tummy region as well as the breast. Support makes one feel whole again, and new moms, more than anything – require support. Support from loved ones and support from articles of clothing. 


The Perfect Coverage

Right off the bat, you know how even a small scratch on one’s body could make us hide under covers, making us conscious of our bodies. Imagine having baby fat, stretch marks, and loose skin. All the more reason to cover up. Not that any of this is shameful. It’s not! But embracing the changes in one’s body is a gradual journey that mothers reach at their own sweet time, especially if we’re talking about first-time mothers. In days that lead up this embracing – what one requires more than anything else is – coverage. 

An ample amount of coverage could provide a sense of security, a blanket-like hug that covers up all those parts of a mum’s body that one isn’t yet proud of. It gives them the courage to test out their body in the market after such a massive life-changing decision of birthing. There are amazing chocolate one-piece swimsuits by Momma Loves You specifically made to cater to a new mum’s need for coverage. Give it a try. 

These are all the features that a momma swimwear requires for them to wear a swimwear on their day out on the beach – possibly their first vacation post birthing. Make this experience a confidence booster.

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