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10 Vegan Candy Options You Should Definitely Try

Whether you’re a vegan or not, candies are everyone’s favorite. So now and then, we all indulge in them as long as we do not exceed their consumption.  But it can sometimes be difficult for vegans to find their favorite candies in a vegan option. It is such because most candies are formed from insect or animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, milk, natural or food glaze, eggs, cream, or other artificial additives.

Gelatin, which is used in gummies, comes from animal bones, skin, and tendons. The dairy items used in candies like milk, milk fat, condensed milk, milk powder, and dairy proteins like casein and whey come from cow’s milk. The red pigment Carmine forms from crushed insects. It is the glossy coating on candies with shellac or confectioner’s glaze made from the resinous excretions of certain insects.

All the above are a strict no-go for vegans. However, the good news is that there are still several vegan candy options and vegan THC gummies Canada in the market that you should give a try. While doing that, you might have to say goodbye to some of your favorite non-vegan candies. But you’re still left with a surprising number of options to try from.


1: Airheads

A true 90’s kid’s staple childhood treat, Airheads, is a vegan candy bar. Yes, the candies that have been around us since forever have been, in fact, vegan-friendly all along. They come in multiple assorted flavors, including the ‘mystery’ flavor that changes from batch to batch. So choose among multiple favorite flavors like watermelon or blue raspberry without any guilt from now on. They are sweet and sticky with a variety of colors and flavors.

And best of all, these are all vegan-friendly. However, make sure to check the Airheads Bites, as some contain three animal-derived ingredients, i.e., gelatin, shellac, and beeswax.


2: Swedish Fish

It is a gummy candy, and such candies almost always contain gelatin. Although this is like other chewy candies, what is different here is the absence of gelatin. Instead, the Swedish Fish candies swap the gelatin for animal-free ingredients like cornstarch and mineral oil to get the same consistency. Therefore, this long-time staple, available since the 1950s, can be consumed as much as you want and guilt-free. However, some Swedish Fish candies might contain beeswax, so be sure to check the label before buying.

3: Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears

Another gummy candy that is also vegan is the Surf Sweets Wholesome Fruity Bears that are also organically made. They are naturally flavored vegan gummy bears free of animal-based ingredients and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. What’s more, these gummy bears are colored using only fruit and vegetable extracts such as carrot, blueberry, turmeric, black currant, and annatto extracts. It is why they are essentially known as fruit bears, and you’re hence free to consume them as much as you want.


4: Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

Since most caramels form from dairy-based products like butter and heavy cream, Cocomels came up with these vegan-friendly caramel candies. These are made with coconut milk but still preserve the chewy, creamy texture of the non-vegan kind. They are also gluten-free and are made organically with minimum possible ingredients. Cocomel Coconut Milk Caramels are available in several flavors and are a must-try for anyone craving a chewy caramel treat minus the animal-based products.


5: Smarties

You’d be surprised to know that the popular sweet treat since the 1940s known as Smarties (or Rockets in Canada) is also, in fact, vegan. The Smarties’ website proudly states that the company is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. Hence, they do not contain any animal-based ingredients since always. So, if you’ve missed out on it before, now is the time to grab one that is tasty as well as vegan friendly.


6: Jujubes

Certified as a vegan candy by PETA, Jujubes is candy available around since a century ago. Although it might not be the most popular candy, fruity candy is still worth a shot. It is one of those classic movie theatre candies that contain several fruit-flavored chewy delights. Therefore, next time you look for a unique vegan candy, go for Jujubes free of gelatin and other animal-based ingredients.

7: Sour Patch Kids

Who doesn’t love these soft and chewy gummy candies? Well, the good news is they are also originally vegan candies. These gummy candies first taste sour and then sweet, giving you a complete packaged delight. They are made from sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, and food coloring; hence you might want to control the amount you consume. Since they are free of animal-based ingredients like gelatin, you can indulge in these treats once in a while, including the other versions like the watermelon.


8: Skittles

Skittles is one of the most popular and favorite candies among all candy lovers. But what’s more, skittles are also vegan. Although it was not originally a vegan candy, it was made using gelatin as its gummy base. However, that’s no longer the case since it has since been replaced with plant-based ingredients. This change has also been made to its other flavors, including wild berry, sour, and tropical Skittles. Thus, this rainbow treat is now something that everyone can enjoy, including vegans.


9: Twizzlers

You can generally find Twizzlers candy anywhere and anytime, and now you can have it guilt-free since it is vegan friendly. Although it is a chewy candy, it gets this texture mainly from corn syrup, cornstarch, and other plant-based stabilizers. So, make sure to try these flavorful and various types of Twizzler candies as well.


10: SmartSweets Sweet Fish

Just like the Swedish Fish candies, these are similar candies but in a much healthier version. The SmartSweets Sweet Fish candies are soft sugar candies that you can savor whenever you crave candies. They are free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners and are made from allulose and monk fruit extract. These berry-flavored treats are also high in fiber and gluten-free, free of critical allergens, and made with non-GMO verified ingredients.


While buying vegan candies, look at the ingredients carefully or choose the certified vegan ones on the label. Additionally, some vegan candy options might be more highly processed than others, so choose according to your preference. The above list of vegan-friendly candies consists mainly of those which can be found widely available in grocery or convenience stores or even online. So, take a good look at this list that can satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free without harming any animals.


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