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Explore How To Safely Transport Electronics

If you’re about to move, then you’re probably wondering how to pack your electronics. Often, these items are some of our priciest belongings. Packing them haphazardly is just asking for something to break. However, with the right approach, you can move your electronics without breaking anything.

Preparing to Move Your Electronics

Before you do anything, you’ve got to prepare everything properly. Eject everything from your computers and game consoles. Loose discs could become scratched even if the electronics are unharmed. Then, take out all of their cords, and put them into plastic bags. This makes it a lot easier to find them once you’ve made it to your destination. If there is any valuable data on your electronics, make sure to back everything up. That way, even if something happens, you won’t lose your data.


Separate All of Their Components

Separate the pieces of your electronics, so they’ll be easier to pack. While you’re doing this, label the items. That’s going to make putting everything back together a lot simpler. Try to keep everything together, though. Matching unlabeled components could be a huge headache.


Wrap Items in Bubble Wrap Individually

Now, once everything is separated, grab some bubble wrap. Use this to wrap each of the components. This initial layer of protection really helps prevent stuff from breaking. It might take a little while to wrap everything if you’ve got a ton of electronics. However, it’s more than worthwhile to power through the tedium. You’ll be happy when everything is still in working order after your move.


Put Everything into Boxes With Styrofoam

After you’ve wrapped everything, you can begin to arrange your boxes. Put styrofoam barriers around the side of the boxes. And, you can also put some styrofoam in between each of your electronics. This should prevent them from bumping into each other while in transit. Most of the time, electronics get broken because of movement inside of their boxes. By packing things together tightly, you’ll reduce the likelihood of anything getting broken.


Put a Layer of Silicone at the Bottom and Top of Packages

Finally, before you put anything into your boxes, you should put some silicone in them. Apply a layer of AMS 3195 silicone to the bottom of the box, and to the top. This type of silicone compresses rather well, so it’ll cushion the box’s contents. After putting the silicone inside, you can begin to pack the electronics. Closing the boxes should be pretty easy afterward. However, you should check to make sure nothing is moving around inside. Everything should fit snugly into its packaging.


Stacking Your Boxes of Electronics for the Move

By this point, you should’ve packed everything into boxes tightly. There shouldn’t be any movement inside of them if you jostle the boxes. Now, you can begin to stack your boxes inside of the moving van. Be careful while you’re doing this, though. You wouldn’t want to put your boxes of electronics underneath anything. Also, make sure that the boxes won’t move around inside the van if you hit a bump. Otherwise, things could still get broken during your move.


Unpacking Everything After Arriving at Your Destination

Finally, you should have arrived with everything still intact. The last part of the process is simply unpacking things. As long as you’ve followed these steps, unpacking should be the simplest part. However, you’ve still got to exercise care while you remove things from the moving van. Don’t just grab boxes and toss them on the ground. Start by unloading all of your electronics first. Put them somewhere they won’t get touched. That way, while you unload everything else, they won’t be in the way.


Moving Electronics Without Breaking Anything

If you’ve ever broken electronics while moving, you know how frustrating it can feel. You might’ve tried packing them carefully, but they still broke for some reason. Fortunately, if you follow the steps above, you can keep this from happening again. Carefully packing each of your electronics is crucial. However, you’ve got to pack things in a certain way. Even after arriving at your destination, you’ve still got to be careful, too. As long as you do all of that, it’s not too hard, though.

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