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The Evening Post: Returning To A War-Torn Ghost Town Sealed For 50 Years

YouTuber Johnny Harris took great care to tell this story. There is so much pain wrapped up in it. And in this episode I could only tell one little slice of the modern day version of the divided island of Cyprus. But that’s what series are for! There are three more episodes in this series and the next one will take a closer look at what this all looks like today.

How it feels like to live on a divided island. Episode 3 will then go deep into the north of the island, talking to Turkish Cypriots and hearing their story. Episode 4 isn’t that serious. It’s about donkeys. There’s no way I can tell all the stories and if you are from this island you probably have a version of these stories that doesn’t fit what I’ve told here. Please just trust I tried my best.

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